Cute and Conscientious

March 12, 2008


I have a World Wildlife Fund “Passport” — the organization sends me e-petitions to sign or e-letters to slightly modify and send to governments, thanking them for saving bits of rainforest or reminding them to keep their pledges regarding Stellar Dolphins, or what-have-you.

The WWF is an organization I trust and respect. It also sells cute little heftily-priced stuffed animals that come with an “adoption” certificate and a guarantee¬†that part of the proceeds goes¬†to support the species you buy.

This week my WWF branch, the Canadian one, sent me an e-bulletin with the novel idea of adopting a sea turtle and hiding it along with the sweets for the Easter egg hunt. Now that I’m into a blog called “The Voice of the Turtle”, I thought I’d like onea them turtles myself. I am NOT into collecting anything, but the occasional totem is fine, especially when there’s a Good Cause attached to it.

Then I had a peek on the American WWF site, to see if they sell sea turtles too. Wow! You guys have DOZENS of stuffed cuties, everything from three-toed sloths to red-footed boobies! I am mightily impressed.