Seer Nonsense (a quiz)

April 15, 2008

this is me

Yesterday I posted a (somewhat heavy) entry on fortune telling. My views on it, and those of two commenters, emphasize slightly different things. I see fortune telling as a kind of Rorschach test: What do I personally see, or prefer to see, in this inkblot? Goodbear sees in it a hand extended in hope: There is a future, Virginia, now just set your right foot on that outcropping, there’s only a metre more till the plateau. Eyegillian, on the other hand, snuffs warily at the fortune teller’s robes, seeing her as a dream-reading, dictatorial career counsellor. Our views are different, but none of them are indifferent.

Today, on the other hand, is laundry day, so it’s time for something a little lighter. I thought we might continue the fortune telling/personality sussing/career advising theme with a quiz. I am making it up as I go along. There will be no “If you said yes to questions 3, 7, and 15, you are an INFP” sort of evaluation at the end of it. It’s just a random set of questions to help you reflect, ponder, smile, dream… Ask your partner what they think your answers add up to.  Try it on a co-worker. Predict your friends’ answers, then see how good a fortune teller you are. Imagine how your pet would answer them. But please, no squabbling; they’re supposed to be light-hearted.


The Who-Do-You-Think-You-Are Quiz

1. Fill in the blank. “Congratulations! You’ve just won a weekend in ________________!”

2. You have won your choice of three 10-day trips. Which would you choose?

  • a) A luxury cruise through Scandinavia
  • b) An eco-tour expedition in Costa Rica
  • c) A hotel suite in a city hosting the World Cup

3. This autumn, your boss is offering to pay tuition for any evening course you want to take. You’ll sign up for _____________________.

4. Your workplace plays commercial-free satellite radio. You prefer listening to:

  • a) the pop hits of your teens
  • b) classical music favourites
  • c) jazz greats
  • d) show tunes

5. You’ve just come from an exhibition of Canadian art. Your favourite works were the ones by:

  • a) Paul Peel
  • b) Emily Carr
  • c) David Milne

6. The fire alarm in your building has gone off for the second time this week. You’re alone in your apartment. You:

  • a) curse, and exit the building
  • b) don’t curse, and exit the building
  • c) curse, and don’t exit the building
  • d) don’t curse, and don’t exit the building

7. You’ve just had the most amazing first date! First, your suitor picked you up in a:

  • a) fully reconditioned 1975 Corvette Stingray
  • b) half-ton pickup truck
  • c) partially solar-powered Volvo

8. You went for supper at:

  • a) your favourite local
  • b) the new vegan eatery that’s been getting those rave reviews
  • c) a fabulous French restaurant

9. Then it was off to the cinema to watch an excellent:

  • a) romantic comedy
  • b) documentary
  • c) historical drama
  • d) futuristic thriller

10. Afterwards, you went to a watering hole (where you both drank responsibly) and you chatted for hours. You relaxed as your date ordered:

  • a) coffee
  • b) tea
  • c) beer
  • d) scotch

11. Your discussion of the film centred on:

  • a) this and other films by the same director
  • b) the motives and behaviour of the characters
  • c) the visuals: setting, costuming, special effects
  • d) a comparison of the film’s portrayal and your knowledge of the subject or the book that the film based itself on

12. Your date dropped you off at your door with a warm hug, and the statement that it’s his/her policy never to do more than that on a first date. You think:

  • a) What a sweet, old-fashioned kind of respect!
  • b) What a weirdo!
  • c) What are you doing tomorrow night?

13. You have room in your heart, home, and budget for a new pet. You’ll get a ______________.

14. The TV animal of which you have fondest memories are:

  • a) the Littlest Hobo
  • b) Skippy, the bush kangaroo
  • c) Flipper
  • d) Cheeta

15. Your favourite cartoon animal is:

  • a) Spongebob Squarepants
  • b) Lisa Simpson’s cat Snowball
  • c) Yogi Bear
  • d) Clifford, the big red dog

16. Your favourite comic-strip animal is:

  • a) Snoopy
  • b) Garfield
  • c) Mutts
  • d) Grimm

17. You would take the time to learn a language little spoken in your area, because:

  • a) it’s the language of your ancestors
  • b) it’s the language of your partner’s relatives
  • c) knowledge of it will help you get a raise
  • d) it’s an important language in a field that interests you

18. Which adjective best describes you?

  • a) tickly
  • b) prickly
  • c) wriggly
  • d) squiggly

19. Would you rather be a sparrow or a snail?

20. Name three things for which you are thankful today. ______________; ____________________; ____________________.

And I thank YOU for stopping by!

Do feel free to comment on anything that really grabbed you. Happy Laundry Day!