Dead Heat (Contest Results)

April 27, 2008

playing with the borzoi

Dog owners have widely varying tastes.
It was a lovely Spring weekend. Dog parents were everywhere. Unlike last time, when I was nearly reduced to paying a street person to check off a ballot sheet, this time I cornered  Coco’s daddy, Buster’s mummy, Flip’s mummy, both mummies of the Thundering Herd, Dover’s daddy… every last judge was a dog parent.

Okay, I’m lying. One of my co-workers has a Maine Coon cat; but she loves playing with all the dogs that visit the store.

Anyway, by 3 pm today I had a nice sheaf of checked-off ballots. Rubbing my hands in demonic glee, I sorted them into teeny little piles, counted them, and who do you think was the winner?

No one. It was a three-way tie. And everyone else came in second. I think from this experiment we can conclude that among dog owners, there are as many opinions on what is funny as there are breeds of dog.

Now, for the limericks… By posting one per week until they’re all up, I would be making some of you wait two months for yours, which I think is kinda cruel. How do you think I should organize it? Should I post three per day, making my entries all-limericks-all-the-time for three days running? I would also continue my pattern of having a different one in my sidebar on each monthday divisible by seven. Duzzat work? You would each get your week-on-the-sunny-log, but would already know your limerick before it goes up to bask.

Chris, you haven’t given me a word for a limerick, and Shelley and Checkers, you each have leftover privileges from the first contest. That’s three more words. And a certain evil genius from the first contest suggested “blogosphere”, which I haven’t completely ruled out…

But today I’m kinda tired and not making much sense. Must be all that fresh air.