Vizsla Vibes and Corgi Cups

Someone’s well-loved Pembroke Welsh Corgi mug.

I had a “comment awaiting moderation” yesterday. The commenter turned out to be someone I’ve been reading for a while now, but only  when he comments on the entries of pet blog writers. It was James Viscosi, an author.

I clicked on his name and brought up his site about writing. Hmmm… Podcasts? Writer’s software? You mean, like, touch-typing tutorials? My partner would probably understand what he’s talking about, but not me. She likes that kind of stuff; her eyes glisten as she details her Mac laptop’s capabilities or her Canon camera’s… umm… I forget, but they have lots of numbers. Me, I just call her lenses Stella, Mac, Lucy, and Frida.

Anyway, at the top of James’s left-hand sidebar is a question: “Looking for Dennis?” Oh right, I thought, Dennis the Vizsla! James’s comments are often written in Dennis’s voice. Dennis is friendly, enthusiastic, and must have gone to the same high school as Checkers, since his spelling is on a par with Checkers’s arithmetic.

So over I went to “Dennis’s Diary of Destruction”. Dennis came to the Viscosi household as an adolescent, polkadotted with mange. He and his siblings had been found in a canyon. Gradually he settled into the pet-friendly residence, which currently counts three dogs (including Dennis) and a cat.

All right, this is stuff I understand! I watched videos of Tucker learning to track, and learned about the Viscosis’ dedication to ballroom dancing, and then watched a commenter’s proffered video of an Olivia Newton John look-alike strutting with her Golden Retriever to “You’re the One That I Want” (ooh! ooh! ooh… ) .

Yeah, I could visit this one, for sure! Then I noticed something. I was already blogrolled. In triplicate. James has his blogroll divided in subject headings, and there was “Lavender Bay” in the list of “Cats”, “Dennis’s Friends”, and “Dogs”. Guess he’s been reading my stuff. I remembered the scene from “St Elmo’s Fire” where she finds her platonic friend’s cookie tin stuffed full of photos of her.

Luckily I wasn’t in any kind of creepy head space, so I returned the compliment, abeit only in monolicate. You can now find “Dennis’s Diary of Destruction” on my blogroll. Welcome, James and Dennis!

Around 5 pm, after taking Cai and Fergus out for a potty break, I set Fergus in his pen and took Cai over for my afternoon cat-sitting stint, which basically consists of tossing kibble in their dishes and vamoosing.

Cai has been learning to heel, with the help of a two-hundred-dollar training course and a two-dollar package of training treats (note to dogparents: opt for the treats). Yesterday he was doing a splendid job. We had just left the cats’ home when a gold minivan slowed down beside us. I thought the driver was simply being careful on the narrow street, but a voice called out, “Excuse me!”

I looked into the faces of a miniature poodle and — strangely enough — a Vizsla. They were sitting in the passenger seat, and there were four other dogs in the rest of the van, all clamouring like school children.

The man driving asked me, “Would you like a Corgi coffee cup? Is that a Pembroke?”

“No, he’s actually a Cardigan.”

“Well, would you like it anyway? I’m a dog-walker –” that would explain the passengers “– and I found this cup at a yard sale, hoping I would find someone to give it to.”

“Oh — well, sure! Thank you!” And I was handed a photo-printed coffee cup from 1994. There’s a new kid in town, a little Pemmie puppy named Andie; I think I’ll see if her daddy would like a pencil mug. There’s generosity in the air, may as well keep it going.

7 Responses to Vizsla Vibes and Corgi Cups

  1. You’re into pay it forward? Your vibe is genius.

  2. jamesviscosi says:

    LOL … I remember that scene! Andrew McCarthy and Ally Sheedy, right?

  3. lavenderbay says:

    Boy, I love the Internet! I’ve just looked up the definition of “pay it forward” and the characters of St Elmo’s Fire before Cai and Fergus have finished playing tooth hockey!

    At my age, Urban Thought, I think it’s more “paying it back”, just not to the same people. It all works. Andie’s daddy appears to be a devoted first-time father, about my son’s age, and without much money. A pencil mug from a member of the dog community is more a token of welcome than anything.

    Yes, James, you’ve got the right characters. Welcome to Turtle’s blogfamily!

  4. lavenderbay says:

    Post-script: Andie and her daddy came into the store today, and I passed on the cup!

  5. Shelley says:

    Pay It Forward – great movie (except for the ending) 😦

    Isn’t it amazing how one person’s junk is another person’s treasure? We were talking about all the “stuff” we need to clear out of here to get our puppy room back after the great flood – and I said we should just put it on the lawn with a “free to good home” sign.

    SOMEONE has to want a computer desk, a table and chairs, a printer table, etc, etc, etc.

  6. livingisdetail says:

    The journey of the corgi cup has been far and wide and always bringing joy to the people it touches. What a heartwarming post.

  7. lavenderbay says:

    I can check with my co-worker, Shelley; she’s moving from a room-mate situation into a bachelor’s at the co-op next door, but doesn’t have a moving date yet… we’ll see.
    About laying the stuff on the front lawn with a “Free to a good home” sign: could you please make sure, when you do that, that the puppies aren’t in their new front-yard pen? Especially if it’s while Fergus is boarding with you?

    Thanks, Livingisdetail. Luckily I was in an open-minded headspace (that doesn’t mean brainless, does it?) when these Random Acts of Generosity happened.

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