Much Better, Thank You

May 19, 2008

happy walker

Turtle out walking with 11-week-old Cai, Dec 2006

Jane came over just after 6 yesterday evening, to pick up her keys and drop off a bit of pocket money and a lovely little souvenir from Mijas, Spain, which I’ll use for this week’s Wordless Wednesday photo. I’m afraid I was rather rude; while E.g. kept the conversation going, my eyes unfocussed and drifted away from Jane and towards the movie Jack was watching. After Jane left, I had a bite of supper. At five to eight I announced I was going to bed. I read the first page, if that, of a novel before drifting off; I heard the rest of the family coming in from a potty break at 8:30, but hadn’t heard them going out.

Fergus woke up about one-ish, and E.g. went down to him. When Cuca started tapping me on a hand at five to six, I went downstairs with him while E.g. slept in.

Since today is Victoria Day, Jack doesn’t have school. And since it’s another cold and rainy day, E.g. looked up indoorish activities suitable for all ages. She found some kind of circus goings-on down at the Harbourfront, but I just couldn’t get up any interest.

“What would you like to do, then?” she asked.

“I’d like to take Cai to the big park.”

“Okay. You go give him a good play, and when you get back, I’ll take Jack to the circus.”

Deal! Cai and I left at 9, and returned home at 10 to 11, just as E.g. and Jack were on their way to the parking garage. And a good thing we crossed paths, because I noticed that E.g. had forgotten to take her camera. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos.


Turtle, 11-month-old Cai, and Jack on the Bruce Peninsula, August 2007.

Cai makes me feel good. This morning he trotted along beside me, good as gold, even trying to hold himself back once we got to the big park. I rewarded him by removing his leash at the top of the off-leash area. “Top” should be taken literally: the dogpark is at the bottom of a bowl. The steep side has been a favourite place for tobogganing for over a century.

So yeah, I unclipped him, and tossed a ball down the hill. Away he went on his specially-designed hill-running Cardigan legs, while I followed. We perambulated the edges, fetching and tossing, ignoring the other dogs. This was our time.

After an hour, Cai was pretty much wiped. I had forgotten to bring a water bottle. Cai drank out of a puddle on the baseball diamond a few times, but kept regurgitating his water from all the running, so we walked one more time around, and back up the hill to the top. Cai was tuckered out, and I was refreshed. The grey coolness was full of birds, the tiny front yards full of flowers.

Like I said, we met E.g. and Jack in the hallway. They reported that Fergus had just had a 45-minute potty and play. “Work on getting your sanity back!” were E.g.’s parting words, but after a full night’s sleep and a walk with my dog, much of that work had already been done. Cai and I entered the apartment, Cai lay down for a snooze, and I — this will tell you! — I did the dishes.

 happy hikers

Turtle and 18-month-old Cai, Inglis Falls, March 2008.