Iron and Steel (Saturday Funnies)

May 24, 2008

Old photo, but current state of affairs


A joke that was old when I saw it on I Love Lucy:

“That couple is in the iron and steel business.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah. She irons and he steals.”

Welcome to this week’s Saturday Funnies! It’s just past 7, I need to leave in an hour, and I have nothing brilliant to say. So I thought this week I would feature funny things that other bloggers have said! That’s the stealing part. We’re not ironing, but E.g. has hand-washed Fergus’s horsie and it’s spinning in the dryer before we take it and Fergus and Fergus’s blankie up to Shelley, where he’ll be boarded for two weeks while we’re preparing for, being in, and recovering from, our trip to Paris.

Anyway, here are my Top Seven Selections of writing from my blogfriends’ recent (either their latest or second-latest) entries.

from Checkers’ World: “How many Cardigan Welsh Corgis does it take to keep the sun lit?”

from Cody Bear’s Friends: “Barking in the Face of Chicken Jerkey!”

from Dennis’s Diary of Destruction: “…obviusly the skwirrels and the gofers and there allies the ninja hedjhogs hav sent this suppozedly kyoot and harmless littel bunny rabbit to find owt all about my new caveear bizness…”

from Laugh in the Sun (describing her young daughter): “Thankfully she stopped looking like the Michelin Man once she got her legs working to keep her tubby body mobile…”

from The Aged Cat: “If you search the faqs and the forum, you will find the issue of advertising hashed, rehashed, minced, pureed…” [elipsis hers]

from The Right Blue : their latest Wordless Wednesday, entitled “There’s one in every crowd”

And finally, albeit unintentionally, the funniest line of all…

from One Little Detail: “I look around the blog world and I just know everyone else is busy too but so organised that they can still keep blogging with dexterity between working, socialising and living their lives.”

Please, if you have a moment and haven’t already done so, drop in and let Livingisdetail know how hard you laughed. I did.