Clown Time

May 26, 2008

fire eating

…and don’t forget your prescription meds.

I was out playing ball in the front yard when John and his dog Coco joined us.

“So, are you and E.g. on clown time now?”

I usually call it “doing the headless chicken dance”, but I like John’s version better.

And yes, we’re on clown time. Someone needs to buy pyjamas. Someone else finally remembered to get traveller’s insurance. Someone remembered just in time to get her keys back from someone else so that a third party could watch the domicile.

There are still extra itineraries to print off, authorization letters to write up for petsitters, contact info sheets to photocopy, keys to hand out, kibble to buy. This morning, since we forgot to bring it with us on Saturday, I couriered Fergus’s heartworm meds to his breeder. Who’s going to carry the concert tickets? Do we have enough pencils for the puzzle books? Which guidebooks should we pack? You’re not taking that sweater, are you? I thought you were going to water the plants. Where did you put the passports? Where did I put them — I thought you had them!

Oh yeah, better get out the red noses and the twirly oversized bowties. Do you think we’ll be allowed to fly standby in our new outfits?