Disguise of the Turtle (Paris Trip Eve)

May 27, 2008

Flightwear, 2008

With sighs and a trembling lower lip, I bid farewell to my jeans and plaid shirts. This is not adieu, beloved schmattas, but à la prochaine.

And now, cue the music from The Saint, as I prepare my suave espionage wardrobe, complete with hidden passport bag and James Bond movie-style T-shirt under brandspankin’ new trousers and button shirt. Add the elegant velcro-strap wristwatch, the indestructible cotton kleenex (what will the techies think of next?) and the hat-and-shopping-bag attachment line, which doubles as a trousers belt (so brilliant!) and Turtle, Secret Agent is ready.

Bookbag disguise

Central Headquarters has thought of everything — even this lustrous, water-resistant shoulderbag, disguised as a catfood company’s promotional freebie, to conceal my bookbag. The colour coordinates with my outfit, to let me blend in with the unsuspecting masses even better.

Qui es tu

Even my own dog doesn’t recognize me.