Paris, Day 4: Versailles

May 31, 2008

Tired again! Versailles was lovely. Tomorrow is a free-for-all day; if I go to bed in the next few minutes (it’s 10:15 pm local time), maybe I’ll be able to write a bit tomorrow about yesterday and today┬ábefore going out to visit a museum or two. Cheers!

Seamus with his literary hero, Jean de La Fontaine, in the Palace of Versailles.

A spaniel in a painting in the Palace

Seamus with his new buddy Cornelius (Jack got him at the Middle Ages Museum yesterday) hanging out together at Versailles. All the dots of colour in the background are people sitting on the steps waiting for the fountains to start spouting.

Dry fountain turtles and lizards. Ready, set…


There were these areas called bosquets — I’m not sure if the word refers to the neatly fenced-in woods or the circular clearings in them, like the one where we had our picnic lunch on a curving wooden bench. The woods were thick and dark and full of songbirds: Greenfinches, Bluetits, (European) Robins, Magpies, and Blackbirds were the ones I could name. At one point a piece of the fence was broken. Seamus said that if he were a tortoise, he would love to live right here.