Screaming Memies (not)

maple trail

Uh-oh… Tag, I’m it! I have been tagged for a meme by Livingisdetail.

When I first started this blog, I wanted to keep myself anonymous. My “about” page still says practically nothing about me. Over the weeks, I’ve revealed quite a bit, but there are still some things that I’d rather not say too much about. However, seeing how deftly Livingisdetail has managed to keep herself private as she answers this meme’s questions, I’m reassured that I, too, don’t need to reveal any more than I want to. So, here goes.

1. What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago, I was wishing I had enough pocket change to invite our church organist out for coffee. She had steel-grey hair but did little Snoopy dances during choir practice, so I couldn’t figure out how old she was (turned out we’re only six months apart); but she seemed fun and nice, and I thought she might make a good friend. Next April will be our tenth being-together anniversary.

2. What are five things on your to-do list today?

  • Take Fergus to the vet for his next immunization needle
  • Do a catch-up load or two of laundry (bedding)
  • Call the City about why they sent a receipt for Cai’s tag update, but not a new tag
  • Work six (or maybe seven — it’s stock day) hours at the pet store
  • Drop in to see my co-worker’s new apartment after work

3. What snacks do you enjoy?

  • salty ones: soft pretzels with chunky salt; olives; super-thick “handmade” potato chips (Br. crisps); popcorn sprinkled with nutritious yeast; bread with marmite or vegemite; nuts of any kind
  • sour ones: polski ogorki dill pickles! pickled eggs! pickled anything! (Mennonite heritage coming through)
  • ones with sesame: those salty sesame sticks you can buy in the bulk bins; halvah
  • dried fruit: juicy prunes; apricots; dates; figs.

4. Things you would do if you were a billionaire.

  • buy a harp for E.g., and a home near a Celtic fiddler, and I’d play my recorder with them
  • get a little house on a two-acre property and a few chooks and some agility equipment for the dogs
  • set up a monthly income for myself so I could keep writing
  • give the surplus to Oxfam

5. Three of your bad habits.

  • I can swear like a trooper
  • I pretend I don’t have any bad habits
  • I can’t think of a third thing

6. Five places you have lived.

  • a crossroads not far from where Ontario’s African Lion Safari would later be built
  • a small town that had a marina at one end and the road up onto the Niagara Escarpment at the other
  • Sechelt, British Columbia; watching the full moon pole-vault over the Coast Mountains is something else!
  • a few blocks from the Jean-Talon market in Montreal
  • within walking distance of Toronto’s Riverdale Park

7. Five jobs you’ve had.

  • doing numerical filing for Ernst and Young
  • teaching English to small groups of immigrants
  • completing military Basic Training on a Canadian base
  • washing, feeding, and dressing the elderly at a nursing home
  • working at a pet-supply store

8. How did you name your blog?


Okay, it looks like I’ve gotta appoint three tagees. Umm…

  • Dennis the Vizsla (or your dada — it’s up to you)
  • Checkers (or your personal assistant)
  • Alyson

I’m not really worried about “breaking the chain” or anything, so if it’s not your schtick, don’t worry. All of you readers can have fun thinking about the questions as well. I was surprised to see how many kinds of snacks I enjoy!

10 Responses to Screaming Memies (not)

  1. Coffee ended up with ten years under your belt. That is beautiful. Government is funny. They’ll always send you a bill for something before sending you the actual goods. Is swearing like a trooper really a bad thing? I’d say its a great skill to have.

  2. livingisdetail says:

    Thanks lavenderbay,

    I liked answering the snack question the best. I wish I had remembered to include halva, dill pickles and vegemite. Vegemite! Such a lovely answer to the 10 years ago question. Congratulations to you both! By the way that photo is stunning. Magically green actually.

  3. goodbear says:

    i loved your answer to number one! my first smile of the day!

    i’m in agreement with halvah and olives, by the way.

  4. jamesviscosi says:

    hello lavenderbay its dennis the vizsla dog i hav intersepted this meem and will be preparing ansers in my yoozual inim .. inimit … well ennyway in that style i hav wot is all my own ok bye

  5. Alyson says:

    Can’t wait…I never meme’d before. I love romantic meeting stories…cos mine wasn’t, I suppose! Oooh Livingisdetail I love Halva too…I haven’t had that in years…must go and find…

  6. eyegillian says:

    I think anonymity is overrated [yes, I hear me talking, remind me I said that] and the details you have chosen to share are quite revealing! And that you would wish to buy me a harp is so wonderful — maybe it will happen (and, no, I don’t want to wait until I get to heaven)!

    And, yes, it’s weird to think we only met 10 years ago. I feel like I’ve known you for half my life… will the second half do instead?

  7. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks to everyone who said nice things about the answer to # 1. 🙂

    I agree that swearing like a trooper is a great skill, Urban Thought, but E.g. doesn’t like it.
    The trouble with the dog licence tag is that they’ve got our old address and the mail forwarding service runs out today. Oops. It was on my to-do list, honest!

    I really like that photo too, Livingisdetail. E.g. took it. It’s an old sugar maple on the hundred acres of scrub that my brother and his wife and their half-dozen Jack Russels and two horses live on.

    Maybe we should try a pot-luck thingy sometime, Goodbear: ask ahead for other bloggers to contribute recipes. The first one could have a Middle-East theme to include the olives and the halvah.

    Hi, Dennis! I’m looking forward to your answers, given in your own unique style.

    Boy, Alyson, with everyone mentioning halvah, I’ve had to stop my reply halfway through to get a bedtime snack of it from the fridge!

    Y’know, eyegillian, I had a hard time with positive and negative integers in school, and can’t for the life of me comprehend the phrase “anonymity is overrated”. Nevertheless, yeah, let’s work on the half-our-lives thing; I’d rather slop the champagne a bit than cry over spilt milk… 😉

    Sherlock Holmes time. See you all tomorrow!

  8. Shelley says:

    Halvah …now you’ve got me craving it. Grew up with the stuff as a special treat my mother would buy and dole out in tiny little pieces. Marble and pistachio are still two of my favourites. But GOOD Halvah is hard to find!

  9. lavenderbay says:

    I just get the blocks sold in grocery stores anymore, Shelley, but I was first introduced to halvah in high school by a friend who got it in a deli in Oshawa. The stuff was sold in tins, and had the flakiest texture, and was like nothing I had ever had before. I don’t even know if, decades of culinary experience later, I would find it as exceptional as I did back then.

  10. […] by jamesviscosi on June 20, 2008 hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog owr gud frend lavenderbay tagd dada for a meem ware he has to anser ate kweschuns but sinse he is at wurk i wunse agin […]

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