Six Degrees of Integration

Clothes Tree. Red-wash variety.


Look at that: it’s Laundry Day!

Things aren’t quite back to normal yet after our trip to Paris. A Welsh neighbour comforted me by saying that it takes her a month to recover from a trip home, so I’ll try to go easy on my expectations for another week. Anyway, it’s Laundry Day, so it’s List Day; and I have a very nice list to ponder today.

And just in time, too. I have a relative who cut me off twenty years ago. Unfortunately, being family, I occasionally hear about him, and just yesterday heard that he’s still being actively uncharitable towards me. Beats me why he’d bother; but it still does hurt. So there, that’s off my chest, a type of conflict at least as old as the First Children and as widespread as dandelions. Now on to happy things!

 James Viscosi’s Vizsla Dennis, over at Dennis’s Diary of Destruction , has presented me with my first blog award, the Tree of Happiness. First, I want to thank my parents, Gautama Buddha, and the state of California… oh, it’s not that kind of award?

The proper acceptance speech for a Tree of Happiness award is apparently to, first, list six things that make me happy; second, to name six blogrollers as recipients of this award; and third, link to the giver and the givees. All right! It’s a double-list day! I’m feeling better already.

I. Six Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Digging into a pile of refried-bean-and-cheese-smothered corn chips, a favourite TV supper, while watching a movie or Time Team with E.g. and Jack, while all the animals snooze around us.
  2. Walking in the woods. And camping. And maybe taking a dip in the lake. And birdwatching. And roasting marshmallows. And possibly a bit of canoeing. And looking forward to another vacation at Bon Echo this July!
  3. Taking daytrips, or sometimes overnighters, into small-town Ontario with E.g. Watching out the windows while she drives. Remarking on what we see. Singing harmony with her to the radio or CD. Inventing silly road-kill songs. Having a chance to talk without interruptions.
  4. Having gotten the dishes done or the apartment swept. (Note the perfect tense here. ) Having gotten any other annoying necessity out of the way. Ever notice how much lighter your arms feel after you’ve carried out the garbage?
  5. Blogging. I’m so grateful for this new medium of an online writing venue that attracts strangers who become anonymous friends. I’m so happy to be writing. I’m so amazed that I haven’t missed a day yet since I started on February 29th.
  6. Supper at our favourite local. A hefty pint glass of Wellington Dark. Shepherd’s pie or steak-and-mushroom pie or something else hearty and nostalgic. Recognizing the waiters, being recognized by them, and often seeing neighbours we know. Watching E.g. relax as she sips her Bass ale and chews her sweet-potato fries, and we review the work week and dream about the future.

I’m an ordinary kinda guy, really.

 Now, for the new recipients. This is tough, because I have so few names on my blogroll (I’m a slow reader), and I hate to leave anybody out. But since I’m new to the awards game, I’ll keep it within the WordPress community, and stick with blogfellows who have posted within the past month. The rest of you (including my partner! ), know that you are loved.

II. Six Trees for Six Blogfriends

  1. Checkers’ World  ’cause Cardis and trees together just make sense.
  2. Cody Bear’s Friends  for Goodbear who, if she were a tree, would like to be a boojum.
  3. Laugh in the Sun  because reading Alyson’s humour is always a tree-t.
  4. One Little Detail for Livingisdetail who, if she were a tree, would like to be a red gum.
  5. The Marvelous in Nature, who knows how trees live and what things live in trees.
  6. Yasashiikuma, for the Cardi-tree thing, and Shelley’s love of the Bruce Trail.

I hope that’s okay with everybody. And don’t forget to come to the virtual potluck!

15 Responses to Six Degrees of Integration

  1. eyegillian says:

    Gee, that’s not six things… it looks more like 600! And, what’s more, those are some of my favourite things, too! Especially the roadkill songs. Yep, now that’s quality of life.

  2. lavenderbay says:

    Oh… Well, but, like, a kaleidoscope is only one thing, but when you look through it you see all sorts of things, eh? So, you know, those are six things with little bitsy pieces to each one, right?
    I’m glad you like some of those things. And I promise not to tell anyone which one of us first came up with the idea of roadkill songs. I mean, if you don’t.

  3. livingisdetail says:

    Hey, thanks lavenderbay for this lovely tree of happiness award. My blog shall wear it with pride! I won’t be posting today but tomorrow I now have a happy post to do.

    So true about feeling lighter after the garbage has gone and I love Time Team. That is a real accomplishment posting everyday! Roadkill songs?.LOL.

  4. Alyson says:

    Ditto me! I love trees, happiness and awards, so very pleased! But can someone let me know how you put them on your site, I’m stuck. Road kill songs sound interesting: Ode to a runover badger? Well done on the daily posting…no easy feat. Feet? Feat!

  5. lavenderbay says:

    “Oh… Once, late at night, as the moon did shine,/You headed for the road, poor little porcupine/ For to see your gal across the line,/ Though your mama told you you shouldn’t. // ‘I’m a big pine now, I can do what I want!’/You said to your ma, and your spines you did flaunt./Now you’re lying as still as a stone in Vermont,/’cause you started to cross — but then couldn’t.” It’s sad to pass dead animals on the highway, but (unlike baby birds) there’s nothing we can do about it. So we make up ditties to honour the animals and bring back the holiday mood. And no roadkill songs for cats or dogs, because that’s just too awful.

    To post the award:
    *Click on the award picture in this posting (not the sidebar one) and copy its URL.
    *In your dashboard, click on “Design”, then “Widgets”.
    *Add a new textbox from your widgets list. Hit “Save Changes” or you won’t be able to open the box — it’ll just vanish!
    *Click “Edit” to open the textbox.
    *Paste the URL in the textbox. (Change the textbox title while you’re at it. )
    *Preface your newly-pasted URL with <img src=” and end the URL with“> . This last instuction is the sneaky bit. Don’t forget the double frame of the pointy parentheses and the quotation marks.

    What I don’t know is how to shrink the award to fit better on my sidebar. Any suggestions?

  6. Shelley says:

    You’re making me think…and thats not aneasy thing for me to do!!

    Thanks for the award, and I hope I’ll come up with something worthwhile and happy 🙂

  7. Alyson says:

    Excellent instructions L, worked a treat! Thankyou for the award and the tech help!

  8. lavenderbay says:

    I’m sure you will, Shelley — you’re a count-yer-blessings kinda person.

    Glad the instructions were clear, Alyson. E.g. showed me where to look in the Frequently-Asked-Questions section, but I didn’t think it would improve anyone’s happiness to be faqing around for an hour (so to speak) .

  9. themarvelousinnature says:

    Thanks for the award! I’m honoured. I’ll have to be sure to pass it on in a post in the next few days.

  10. lavenderbay says:

    You’re very welcome, Themarvelousinnature! I’ll be sure to drop by.

  11. […] June 28, 2008 Catch up 1 Posted by Alyson under Honestly! | Tags: bloggers, favorite things, friends, fun, inspirational, list, Tree of Happiness award |   I was pleased and honored to receive a Tree of Happiness award from Voice of the Turtle, […]

  12. Checkers says:

    Thank you for the tree! I am so far behind on visiting my friends’ blogs. I need to get out more in cyberspace. I know I can always come here for kindness and warmth and cardi understanding.

  13. lavenderbay says:

    I’m glad you came by, Checkers. Sounds like your p.a. has been a bit stressed lately; I find it hard to concentrate on my reading when there’s tension, too. Give your p.a. some extra snuggling, and remind him to eat properly — maybe you could suggest he start with a nutritious ham sandwich.

  14. jamesviscosi says:

    To shrink the image in your sidebar, add the following to your img tag:

    width=”xxx” height=”yyy”

    Where “xxx” and “yyy” are the width and height in pixels that you want for your image. In my WP theme I have a sidebar of 150 pixels in width, so I shrink all the images to that and then shrink the height by the same ratio in order to keep it proportional (so for instance if I cut the width by a third, I’ll also cut the height by a third). Here’s an example from Dennis’s sidebar:

    This image was originally 180 pixels wide and 300 pixels high. I cut 30 pixels off the width, which is a sixth, so I cut 50 pixels off the height (also a sixth).

  15. jamesviscosi says:

    WP removed the example. Here it is again without the brackets. You’ll just have to imagine that they’re there. 😉

    img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-443″ src=”” width=”150″ height=”250″

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