The Pocaiden Adventure

Original photos by E.g. were uncropped or shopped or anythinged by Lavenderbay. Go here for six niceified photos.

We finally got down to Toronto’s off-leash doggie beach this morning. It was Fergus’s first time at a beach (he was too ill to play in the water at Bon Echo) . I think Fergus had a lot of fun, but on the sand more than in the water. His experience went something like this…

“Fergus, c’mon in the lake! I’ll show you what to do.

You swim out…

…you swim in…

…and you hang sixteen. Kowabunga!

Now you try it.”

“Okay, I’m comin’ in!



Aw, nuts! I’ll never live it down otherwise.”

The chase is on.

“Wait, Cai, I just realized something: I’m not having any fun.”

Shakin’ all over.

“Just call me a landlubber.”

5 Responses to The Pocaiden Adventure

  1. goodbear says:

    this must have been so much fun to watch!
    they’re so very cute.

  2. lavenderbay says:

    It was, Goodbear! Watching these two play in a free-barking zone just melted away all my stress. And yeah, I like how they each have their own personal style of cuteness — kinda like Cody and Pickles, eh?

  3. jamesviscosi says:

    hello fergus its dennis the vizsla dog hay dont werry abowt not wanting to go in the watr last week me and tucker got owr tales kikd by the oshun and i hav herd that the grate lakes ar just like oshuns only less salty and with sumwot fyewer sharks ok bye

  4. Mutual friend Jane says:

    Cai looks like he’s trying out for the Welsh Water Polo team (or the Canine Aquatic Rescue squad).
    He’ll have Fergus doing the advanced dog paddle soon, I’m sure.

  5. lavenderbay says:

    Everything you heard is true, Dennis. The Great Lakes also have these goldfish that grow so big they lose all their colour and are dog magnets from a mile away once they wash up on the beach; luckily we haven’t seen any at the doggie beach lately.

    The “swim out” photo shows the ball as a little blue blur below the surface, so I’ll go with the water polo team. With Cai’s training, he might be able to rescue hamsters or small armadillos, but that’s about it.
    Fergus might come around. Not all corgis like to swim, though, because their long and low profile isn’t always conducive to good dog paddling.

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