Brother and the Crow Girls

Jazz and the Metronome Present…
Hi everyone, and welcome to my first Weekend Quickies post! Um… I mean, short entries ’cause I need to do other stuff kinda post… Hmm… not doing too well yet, am I?

Anyway… This morning, in the space of half an hour, I listened to tracks from two groups that blend Celtic and Indigenous sounds, from two countries at opposite ends of the world. I’d never heard of either band before. Time to share the wealth with you!

The first band is called Brother. They’re from Australia. Vocals, electric guitar, drums. And bagpipe. And didgeridoos. Blogger S. Le  was commenting on Gina’s “Quirky Things” post with possibly the quirkiest band she knows of.

Here’s the Brother link. They have a playlist of half a dozen songs on their web site. Enjoy!

The second group, The Crow Girls, is a pair of Cree women hailing from Edmonton. E.g. found a couple of their tracks on CBC Radio 3 this morning and played one for me, without any introduction. Suddenly I recognized the First Nations vocal style as they came into a chorus. It’s a lovely piece, and I hope you find it worth the trouble finding, ’cause there are a few steps to take before you get to it.

  • Start here:
  • Under the heading “New Music Canada”, click on “Genres”.
  • From the dropdown list, choose “Roots and Folk”.
  • Choose the sub-genre “Aboriginal”.
  • From the Artists list below the sub-genres, choose “The Crow Girls” (it should be visible without having to scroll) .
  • Finally, push the play button beside the track “Sleep is the Ocean.”

Have a good weekend!

2 Responses to Brother and the Crow Girls

  1. Gina says:

    I listened to Brother on S. Le’s post and liked them.
    Cliff and I used to have a neighbor who was Mexican and they used to sit in their backyard and listen to Mexican? music and it was wonderful. I think they were on CD and Cliff and I used to sit in our backyard and listen. 🙂 We came to appreciate their music by doing that when we had never given it much thought before. Now it is one of our favorite types of music. We’ve even gone to a couple of concerts to hear Latin music. I love for people to introduce me to new things. By the way, they were some of the best neighbors we ever had before they were basically run off by our horrible neighbors across the street. She complained to the police about their loud music and their big truck being parked in the street.

  2. lavenderbay says:

    Some years ago a Chilean neighbour lent me his Linda Ronstadt album, “Canciones de mi Padre” (1992), and I loved it. Have you heard it? I couldn’t even hum along, the rhythms are so complex.

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