TOPs, POPs, SOPs and COPs

Fergus, the SOP puppy.


Today in Ontario is a holiday, Simcoe Day, named after a street in Oshawa (I think) . This morning E.g. and I took the furkids to Cherry Beach; we’ve cooked some of those nice things we got from the market Saturday; and I’ve done the laundry because tomorrow, my traditional laundry day, I will be working.

So: short, lazy entry today. I have made up some acronyms. Inspiration source: James Viscosi’s comment on Checkers’s art festival entry. James said something about Dennis the Vizsla probably being quite happy to swim through crowds of hominids. I couldn’t imagine Cai feeling that way, and I thought, “Dennis is a really people-oriented pooch.”

Here, then, are Turtle’s four classifications of dog, according to their orientation.

I. TOPs: Toy-Oriented Pooches. Cai would rather play ball than socialize with other doggies or be petted or enjoy bikkies or anything. He’s a TOP.

II. POPs: People-Oriented Pooches. Dennis the Vizsla will play with his housemates Tucker the Other Vizsla and Trixie the CSWM (Chow-Shepherd-Whatever Mix, as per her “about” page) . But he’d just as soon they weren’t there to steal precious mama-dadda time from its rightful recipient, him. He’s a POP.

III. SOPs: Sustenance-Oriented Pooches. Fergus forgets to chew his food (except pine cones) , he’s so excited to have it. He will hoover anything that has had even a whiff of edibility within the past five weeks. He may remove a finger with those cute baby teeth of his when reaching for a training treat. He worships the ground his mommies walk upon, as long as that ground is the kitchen floor. He’s a SOP.

COPs: Canine-Oriented Pooches. These extroverts just wanna have fun with other doggies, playing chase and tooth hockey, sniffing and licking each others, exploring nice smelly rolling spots on the lawn together. I suspect Checkers or Nash might belong in this category, but I’m not sure.

How about it, readers? What kind of dogs do you have?

7 Responses to TOPs, POPs, SOPs and COPs

  1. goodbear says:

    cody bear is a TOP. such a TOP. which is why we started pet therapy, and why, when he is feeling blue, i ask my friends to come over and give him attention.
    pickles is a COP. the life of the party. looooves people…if that’s all that is around. but give her a dog, anyday.
    she also shows signs of being a MOP. a mama oriented pooch. but we’ll see how long that lasts. the more confident she gets the more she is likely to not be so attentive, …perhaps.

  2. goodbear says:

    ooops, i meant A POP for cody bear. he is SOOOO not a TOP. don’t know why i said that. whoooops.!

  3. jamesviscosi says:

    Our vizslas are both total POPs, although they do love their toys. Trixie also favors people, but she’s more … discriminating. 😉

  4. Gina says:

    Oh I love this! Mandy, my chubby, disabled girl is definitely a SOP. Tuffy, my adorable, little, mommy boy is definitely a POP. They both are sometimes the opposite but rarely TOPs or COPs.

  5. lavenderbay says:

    So Cody Bear’s fixation on Henrietta the Rubber Chicken is all because of that girl he knew in Reno?
    I like your new acronym of MOP. Good to see Pickles classified as a COP, though, so we have a classic example for comparative study.
    We should probably mention your other one, HOP (hell-on-paws) just ’cause it rhymes. Dr. Seuss wrote a book called Hop on Pop. Maybe that could be a good mnemonic for Cody, the HOPpin’ POP.

    If Trixie mainly focusses on Mama and Dadda, I suppose, on the basis of Goodbear’s acronym, Trixie might be classed as an MDOP, although that sounds too much like a Hanson hit.

    We could probably compose charts like your ISTJ, which shows how much ENFP is left to make up the 100%. For the dog charts we could make five-armed stars — to include the MOP category — and colour in lengths of each arm to total one full arm. For example, Tuffy might have 2/3 MOP or POP and 1/3 SOP coloured in. It just might work!

  6. Alyson says:

    Gemma Jack Russell is a SOP all the way, with no hesitation – she likes us fine, but mainly hangs out with us because we can open the fridge and reach the high shelves!

    Milo is a POP until he sees another fun lovin’ dog…then he is a COP until someone drags him home!

  7. lavenderbay says:

    I was wondering about those two, Alyson. Cai’s favourite (only?) doggy friends are a poodley thing and a Jack Russell, both of whom love their ball games as much as Cai does.
    Maybe just as well that the little one is a SOP and Milo the wolfhorse is a POP/COP. Easier on the treat budget, at any rate!

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