By the Beautiful Sea

Two news clips from yesterday:

  • I. Turtle cooks up seaweed jelly.
  • II. Trouble ships a sharp  pointy thing to Cuca.

I. The 49-Cent Solution

Yesterday I stopped in at the cheapie grocery store for a few basic things, and saw these little bags of Irish Moss for 99 cents. Couldn’t help myself.

Yes, this goes into toothpaste and yogurt. Aka carrageen.

Checking the Internet, I learned that after you’ve seen Prince Edward Island’s Anne of Green Gables attraction, you can skip over to the Irish Moss Interpretive Centre. Harvesting this seaweed used to be quite the industry.

The web site, Harvests of Prince Edward Island, includes half a dozen recipes for using Irish Moss. I chose the easiest one, simply called “Irish Moss Dessert“. It uses half the little bag of grocery store goodness, three cups of milk, an egg, and a bit of sugar and vanilla. I’ve tipped the bowl in the next photo to show that the dessert has indeed jelled overnight. The thin foamy top is from whipping the egg white and folding it into the mixture. Under the foamy top, the dessert is a bit more golden in colour (from the yolk), but almost as foamy — a nice, light texture.

Vegan gelatine.

I realize it’s called “dessert”, but there’s only 2 Tbsp sugar for the whole batch, so I’m putting a little apple butter on mine, making a pair of toast, and calling it breakfast! (I would suggest maple syrup, but we’re almost out — E.g. and Jack can fight over it this morning 🙂 ) .



II. Diamonds, Dogs, and Destruction

One of my blogfriends, Dennis the Vizsla, has a kitty sibling named Trouble. Trouble obviously has a seafaring background, having recently shown his prowess in both knot tying and shipping waybills. He has also decided to send my cat, Cuca, a Brillante award, with the request that Cuca pass it on to seven other deserving bloggers (read: cats). My list may have to veer dangerously towards the non-feline; we’ll see in a moment. Anyway, here’s the award:

So, other recipients! Umm… umm…

1. Urban Thought, at Urban Observation, a cool cat in the big city of New York.

2. Themarvelousinnature, who’s always writing about the best cat toys (birds and moths) .

3. Eyegillian, at The Unwound Road, who’s started anteing up into the kitty towards the purchase of a backyard.

4. The Right Blue, who recently posted about Tiger Sharks.

5. Elizabeth, Wearing Stilettos and Living on a Farm, whose cats Franklin and Chloe figured in a song in my July 26th entry.

6. Shelley, at Yasashiikuma, who breeds ear groomers for cats.

7. Livingisdetail, at One Little Detail, who slinks silently through city and countryside, stalking the perfect picture, and then curls up in the library to source information for her stories.

How’s that, Trouble? And who’s that at the door, and why are they asking me to put on my wellies and come with them? Uh-oh.

15 Responses to By the Beautiful Sea

  1. Gina says:

    The dessert looks delicious. I love going to our cheapie grocery. There is something so thrilling about getting canned veggies for $.39 a can.
    I hope Cuca is not as um…”creative” as Trouble. 😉

  2. lavenderbay says:

    No, Gina, Cuca’s actually a pretty good kitty, very relaxed with his canine brothers. His comment to Trouble about the rope was basically a placatory one, in hopes that Trouble wouldn’t think him a traitor to the claws.

  3. goodbear says:

    that’s a cool glass bowl.

  4. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Goodbear. Some friends of ours gave us a pair of these bowls about eight years ago, and we’ve managed not to break either of them yet.

  5. livingisdetail says:

    Thanks lavenderbay, I will accept that lovely award although the silent slinking made me laugh. It’s more like rustling with a touch of stomping. Belle, the cat who owns me, is also pleased to accept the award. By the way, that is an intriguing dessert. I don’t think I have ever seen Irish Moss for sale here in Australia but having said that I will probably start seeing it in my travels.

  6. jamesviscosi says:

    I never heard of Irish Moss, let alone making a dessert out of it. Intriguing!

  7. I never heard of Irish Moss, either. Until now.

    Thank you for the award. Are there any special requirements for passing it along? I’m not quite sure how to choose recipients.


  8. lavenderbay says:

    Let me know if you come across it, Livingisdetail. It will be an import: apparently it only grows in the Atlantic, from Spain and the Maritimes northward. That may help explain why James and (surprise! ) Bobbie have never heard of it either.

    Caveat, James: Don’t skip the soaking step! Irish Moss is sandy stuff. I was quite pleased, though, that one change of water sufficed; the dessert was lusciously ungritty.

    Its Latin name is Chondrus crispus, Bobbie, if that helps. It’s found where people are more used to seeing “the Right Grey” . Wikipedia also says it’s an intertidal species. On the PEI site is a photo of people harvesting it by pulling rakes behind horses, so I suppose it’s found more often by clamdiggers than divers?

    For the award, I think you just choose seven blogs you think are great, and link to their blogsites, and link back to the giver as well. I have instructions for putting an award in one’s sidebar in the comments section for June 24, but I don’t know if they work for a non-Wordpress site.

  9. WoW… Thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever been called a cool cat. I’ll be sure to live up to the reference.

  10. lavenderbay says:

    Well, Urban Thought, I suppose it might be a bit ironic to be called “up-to-the-minute” with a term that’s over 40 years old. Back on April 29th I mentioned The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer in the City” (1966) as my choice for your blog’s theme song. The lyrics contain the phrase “cool cat”. But, like, retro is cool too, right? 🙂

  11. Gina says:

    So very sorry about the email. I did not do it. I think it grabbed my email contacts and sent it automatically. I am so angry about it.

  12. jamesviscosi says:

    I posted a comment to the June 24 post about how to shrink the image in your sidebar.

  13. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Gina. I thought it was a little fishy because a) you didn’t let me know about it personally, and b) the line about “you’d better click ‘yes’ or else she’ll think you’re not her friend!” was pretty manipulative.

    Super, James! I guess that means that if I’m having a bad day, I can EXPAND MY AWARDS SUPER BIG and comfort myself a little. 😉 I’m sure E.g. will be happy to know of the trick, too — and much likelier than I to remember it!

  14. Alyson says:

    Is it good for you like tofu? How does it go from the crinkly brown stuff – to smooth white stuff?

  15. lavenderbay says:

    1. It’s good for you, Alyson, in a few ways. It has a decent protein content, a good set of minerals (besides the sand), and being mostly mucilage, it has the same type of laxative effect as flaxseed.
    2. You soak the crinkly brown stuff in tepid water for ten minutes. This softens the seaweed. Then simmer it, whole, with the milk, and finally pour the stuff through a sieve and press gently with a wooden spoon to extract more of the seaweed. Discard the coarser bits. Sort of like making jelly, I guess!

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