Hay is for Horses

shelter from the snow
Keep your nickers on. Or your whinnies.

Well, boys and girls, what will Auntie Turtle be doing this week? Guess! It has something to do with horses… and getting used to their bigness… and helping to maintain their bigness, even!

Yesterday, my son and I had the bestest-ever visit together. He has to go back to work tomorrow, and planned to take the noon-hour bus today. He had just gotten up, and was enjoying a nice cup of coffee while I made a hasty tour of my blog buddies, skipping a few of them as my fingers trickled through the list (so if you didn’t get any comments, it’s ’cause I never got there) . One blog — and, after reading it, I decided it would be the final one this morning — was Shelley’s.

Shelley’s husband Chris hasn’t been feeling all that great lately. Shelley wrote yesterday that he was in the nearest hospital, and she was worried because the pain in her knees makes it very difficult to walk all the dogs or climb up in the loft to throw down hay bales for their two horses.

Now, guess who isn’t working for anybody this week? Jack’s Mom is staying home for his first two weeks of grade seven, Robert and Jane don’t need a catsitter, and I’m no longer with the pet store. So, just on the off-chance that Shelley hadn’t found anyone to help out, I phoned her up.

And that was that. Sonny Boy made a delicious breakfast of huevos rancheros while I fed the dogs and took them on potty break; we all had breakfast; Sonny Boy and I packed; I washed the dishes while E.g. gave the house a quick sweep; and we all piled into the car. We dropped Sonny Boy at the bus station just before 11 00, and arrived at Shelley’s just before 13 00.

The good news is that the hospital figures Chris can come home today after all, even though he’s still feeling fairly lousy. But I’m staying for a few days anyway, out in the middle of the country, to help with the chores and maybe sneak away to a nearby marsh with my binoculars once. I’m enjoying it already: I can hear crickets instead of condo construction, can you believe it?

Wow. I’m not home again. Maybe I should look into making a living as a travel writer.


PS Don’t forget to enter Turtle’s latest contest — everyone’s a winner! And, to use a farming term, I need fresh fodder for my limerick mill. Ta-ta for now.

8 Responses to Hay is for Horses

  1. goodbear says:

    so, wait, is it just you or all of you staying at shelly’s?
    that is so nice of you to take care of her horses and help her out.
    i hope he’s doing better soon!

  2. Bobbie says:

    So, will you be taking a camera to that marsh along with your binoculars?

  3. Shelley says:

    …and her assistance is VERY greatly appreciated!

    I didn’t know how we were going to get through without assistance.

    This is what real friends are all about 🙂

  4. lavenderbay says:

    Hi, Goodbear! The whole family (except Cuca) came along for the drive up to Shelley’s, which is two hours from home. The dogs are quite happy to go riding in the carcar, and each was born here, so I think it’s neat that they can pop back occasionally. BUT they all went home again; E.g.’s friend Gilda would be arriving at the train station just before suppertime. I could have gotten a commuter bus to within 10 miles or so if it weren’t a holiday yesterday.
    It may be “nice” of me, and I offered out of neighbourliness, but Shelley’s actually insisted on paying me a bit as well. That makes a lot more sense, really: I can work as hard as she needs me to, without any confused feelings. That’s even nicer.

    I have my pick of two cameras, Bobbie; I think the little one will make it there and back safely.

    Yeah, well, like, you know, eh? And you KNOW how much I’ve been itching for some quiet time in the country… Not that caring for 11 dogs is literally quiet, but you know what I mean…

    Okay, time to figure out how one of the cameras works.

  5. eyegillian says:

    And I can say that Cai and Fergus were both REALLY reluctant to go home with just li’l ole me yesterday. They would have loved to stay and play in the country. Cai ensconced himself quite happily (and stubbornly) in the cool shady grass when I was getting ready to leave, and I had to chase both Cai and Fergus (who is always in for a bit of fun) around the tree before I could corral them and, um, persuade them into the car for the long ride home.

    So, we all miss you, and are a bit jealous of your country holiday. I hope you return refreshed.

  6. lavenderbay says:

    Well howdy, pardner! If it makes you guys feel any better, the mosquitoes in this region have managed to interbreed with Pileated Woodpeckers (I saw a pair of Pileateds this morning, and was able to verify) . I have three or four elbows on each arm just now. Other than that, I’m doing what I can, and things are fine.
    How’s Gilda?

  7. Alyson says:

    I know you’ll miss your family, but how will you ever leave?? That’s what the country does for you!

  8. lavenderbay says:

    Y’know, Alyson, I’m scratched, I have welts on my arms from the mosquitoes, I smell like two species of fecal matter, and I have tiny bits of hay up my nostrils. But E.g. has already paid for my theatre ticket for Saturday, so I AM gonna hafta go home.

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