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Hi, everybody! I’ve been up since 05 30, and it’s going on for 10 pm now; time to hit the hay. (Lot of talk about hay lately) .

I went for a walk, I fed the horses, I let the dogs out, I let the dogs in, I let the dogs out, I let the dogs in, I tidied a little, I… sknknkzzzz…

“Who wants to go out?”  Corey is all ears.

And Brogan gives the green light.

The Icelandic sheep next door, however, give me the cold shoulder. Wait… the sheep are in the meadow!

Nero and Manitou bid me good morning.

There were other dogs too, three grownup boys and four grownup girls, but they sleep in the basement like me. The day began in the living room, and ended there too, where the puppies sleep. But first, a little fun before bed…

Ember shows Sam who the real Santa Claus is. Woo-hoo!

Brogan runs off with a saucy little redhead.

And Shelley gives Corey his first lessons in being a therapy dog.

Maybe a few pictures of the grownup dogs tomorrow.

9 Responses to Insert Title Here

  1. goodbear says:

    corgi puppies!!!! how unbelievably cute cute CUTE!
    send them all over, now!

  2. buzzybeegirl says:

    Those pups are adorable. I thought of goodbear when I saw them!

  3. livingisdetail says:

    Sounds like bliss to me! Absolute fresh air, horsey, doggie, country bliss. Just perfect.

  4. eyegillian says:

    When you’re in a muddle
    — arooo arooo
    Find a dog to cuddle
    — arooo arooo
    Scritch him on his tummy
    Find him something yummy
    And say goodbye to trouble
    — arooooooo!

  5. Mutual friend Jane says:

    Aw, shucks; all those little Fergus clones, how adorable!
    Brogan seems a different breed however, but still a handsome hound.
    Enjoy your working holiday.

  6. jamesviscosi says:

    I love that shot of the meadow. Reminds me of mornings in our meadow back in New York.

  7. lavenderbay says:

    They’re sweeties all right, Goodbear. I’m finding it fascinating how varied their personalites are. I should probably write about that for Thursday’s post.

    Corey kinda has Cody’s soft look in his eyes, doesn’t he, Buzzy Bee Girl. And hey, welcome to my comments section!

    It’s butt-busting bliss, Livingisdetail, but being a “pear shaped” person, that’s fine with me. I’m actually thrilled that I’m keeping up with it all; suddenly I don’t feel so ancient anymore.

    You wrote that BEFORE BREAKFAST, Eyegillian?! I love it!!!

    Ember is Fergus’s de facto littermate, Mutual Friend Jane, and Sam and Corey are a few weeks younger. Brogan is ten days older than the younger set. He is an Irish Wolfhound, a great, gawky, goofy, stumbling, sucky puppy who thinks the corgis are squeaky toys and then wonders why no one wants to play with him.

    Now I KNOW you weren’t living in NYC, James! I was really pleased with this photo, too; by the time I downloaded it, I’d forgotten that there had been that mist, and was happy that it showed up in the picture.

  8. You have a lot of animals. I have to say… I remember when I stayed on a farm in my younger years… It was crazy for me to wake up to a rooster until I moved to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. There, roosters wake you up on the regular. They have chicken shacks every few blocks.

  9. lavenderbay says:

    Eleven dogs and two horses, Urban Thought, but only for this week. I’m helping Shelley, the breeder of my two dogs, while she’s running back and forth to work or to the hospital while her husband gets his gall bladder out.
    I’ve been hearing the neighbour’s rooster crowing at dawn. I think that’s great about your city chickens. The writer of “Laugh in the Sun” , Alyson, lives on five acres now, but she used to keep chickens in downtown Canberra. Toronto doesn’t let people own chickens. Humph.

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