An Afternoon in Stratford

Yesterday morning after the yard sale, E.g., her longtime friend Gilda, and I piled in the car and headed two hours down the road to Stratford, Ontario. Yes there is a Stratford here, yes it’s on the Avon River, and yes its most popular attraction is Shakespearean plays at one of its three theatres: the Festival, the Avon, and the Tom Patterson. Other plays may be staged as well, such as the one we saw yesterday, George Bernard Shaw’s Caesar and Cleopatra.

The performance did not disappoint. Toronto-born Christopher Plummer, who played Julius Caesar, projected a voice smoother than liquid silk, a bearing nobler than an alpha lion, and a wit more piquant and biting than a north wind over a chili pepper farm.

The rest of the cast were good too. My favourite supporting actor was Gordon S. Miller, who played the flamboyant Sicilian carpet merchant artist Apollodorus. Miller hails originally from Lower Truro, Nova Scotia, and graduated from the National Theatre School in 2002. He looked like he was really enjoying his role, playing it with energy and joie-de-vivre.

We’re not allowed, of course, to take photos in the theatre, but I played with E.g.’s camera a bit outside. Here are some pix.

What’s that — the Holiday Inn?

Wait — there’s a name over the doorway… let’s go stand in the garden for a better look.

Ah! The Festival Theatre!

The Arthur Meighen Garden contains plants represented in Shakespeare’s plays…

…including some papyrus in the lily pond.

The garden lines the steps leading to the road, which in turn leads to the Avon River.

If you peek over the wall beside the steps (I stood on a bench to do so) , you can see the river just across the road…

…but you should try to find the time to stroll its banks. It’s gorgeous.

5 Responses to An Afternoon in Stratford

  1. jamesviscosi says:

    Looks like a lovely spot!

  2. Gina says:

    The river is gorgeous indeed!

  3. livingisdetail says:

    The Christopher Plummer! Wow, that would have been incredible to see. I like the idea of plants from Shakespearean Plays although I wonder if they skipped the Hemlock? Lol.

  4. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, James and Gina. I think this section of the Avon River is the prettiest riverside I know.

    Not sure about the hemlock, Livingisdetail, but Christopher Plummer was like a draught of bewitchment. I was so star-struck I took several pictures of the stage door. Just ’cause, like, the actors would have touched it on entering and exiting the building, eh?

  5. I hope you had fun in my hometown! Stratford is the most beautiful place I have been from the park benches overlooking the river to the cheap seats in the Festival Theatre, it is a thrilling place to live and work! I love the willow trees by the river.

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