Jumbled Up (Another Limerick or Two)

“There he was, pasted against the wall, a shell of his former self…”

Gather ye rhyme words while ye may, et cet-eret-eretera…

So, Turtle’s off and running again. Really, had I realized what kinds of fits and starts my life goes through, I might have been better to choose Hare as an alter-ego. But no matter.

E.g. and I are heading out with the doggums to visit my mum today. Mum doesn’t have any internet access, so you’ll have to wait till at least tomorrow night before Turtle can respond to your comments. However, she won’t be responding from the comfort of her paper-strewn kitchen table, but from the central Ontario dog-and-pony show, aka Shelley’s home.

Shelley had hoped that another friend would be helping her this week, but it hasn’t worked out. So tomorrow afternoon I’m to be handed over from E.g.’s car to Shelley’s, at a thirdway point between her house, a dog show, and our house. More country air, here I come!

Meanwhile, as the final load of laundry tumbles merrily in the dryer, I have one and-two-thirds limericks for you.

The first one might be completely faulty, I’m not sure. I don’t know if the term “jumble sale” may be applied to items expressly made for it, or whether it’s only for secondhand stuff. I — well, you’ll see.

The second limerick is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, or perhaps more aptly, ONLY PARTIALLY COOKED UP. Alyson and I began a bit of nonsense in Thursday’s comments section, and in my humble opinion, it’s just too brilliant not to finish. But I have no time. So I’m asking you, gentle readers, to supply subsequent lines until it’s completely fabricated (as it were) .


I. The “jumble” limerick, for Jack’s Mom.

  • Much weirder than phantom with sabre
  • Is the church jumble sale’s frantic labour.
  • We cook, sew, and knit,
  • And retain not a bit,
  • But buy the same thing from our neighbour.


II. The Magnificent Flying Free-For-All Limerick, for everyone.

  • There once was an oyster from Ghent,
  • Who created a pearl he called Trent.
  • da duttledy da,
  • da duttledy dum,
  • da dittledy-duttledy dent.

Have fun with this one! And go right ahead with an alternative ending, if there’s already one ending before you get here. I promise to tie up any loose ends.

Have a good weekend!

4 Responses to Jumbled Up (Another Limerick or Two)

  1. Alyson says:

    It was shiny and round
    but far from profound.
    And soon it was time that Trent went.

  2. lavenderbay says:

    BRAVA! BRAVISSIMA! Thank you, Alyson!

  3. Alyson says:

    That was a fun game Turtle, thanks!

  4. lavenderbay says:

    It was fun, wasn’t it, Alyson? Goodbear sometimes holds “group writings” on her blog too, and the results are always delightfully silly.

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