Box Step

For any of you — or maybe even all three of you — who read my entry yesterday, today’s will clear up any puzzlements you might have had concerning it. 

The fact, as a number of you already know, is that E.g. and I are moving to Saint John. We haven’t the foggiest idea when, but the sooner the better. Our recent trip was a reconnaissance mission.

Since getting back to Toronto, I’ve been antsy to do something — anything — to help facilitate the move. Although we managed to get six boxes of stuff out the door for the yard sale, there remain two storeys’ worth of everyday life cluttering up our apartment. And I know how much work it is to pack.

So yesterday morning, I wheedled E.g. into taking me to a store that sells cardboard cartons and bubble wrap and stuff. I want to be ready. There are books and CDs and similar items that can be packed now, and will never be missed.

The phrase “Passover mode” has been in my head, along with that all-systems-alert verse, since at least Friday evening. When I sat down to write last night, however, my words came out on the creative side, almost like fiction. I liked it — and besides, I was too tired to explain anything — so I left the entry as it was.

Okay, getting off the computer. See you tomorrow.

9 Responses to Box Step

  1. goodbear says:

    a part of me is a teensy bit envious. i sometimes want to move. especially to a pretty and interesting town…

  2. Sell as much as you can. When we moved to California we schlepped (New Yorkers always schlep things, even the Italian ones) practically our entire house with us, which was a big mistake …

  3. lavenderbay says:

    I know you’ve moved at least once, Goodbear — it just may happen again! But it took E.g. nearly twenty years before she missed her hometown enough to move back.

    I agree with you, James — our CDs alone weigh 30 pounds!!! — but E.g. is more of a schlepper than I am. On the other hand, we mean to sell the piano and my inherited set of china (need any Royal Worcester Bacchanal to round out your set? ) , and won’t take the sofabed… we’ll work it out eventually, I guess.

  4. Gina says:

    We have so much junk it frightens me to think of having to pack up and move. How we need to declutter.

  5. lavenderbay says:

    It is scary, isn’t it, Gina? And the best part (not! ) is how, when a move is suddenly upon one, one takes everything to the new place, not having had time to sort through one’s stuff… I’m going to be writing a few hundred words about this for Jack’s Mom this week; I think I’m getting inspired.

  6. eyegillian says:

    Saying that we “haven’t the foggiest idea” is strangely appropriate… considering the weather/whether!

  7. lavenderbay says:

    Oh good, Eyegillian, I had hoped you’d catch the humour in that turn of phrase. 🙂

  8. themarvelousinnature says:

    How exciting! That’ll certainly be a change of pace from Toronto. And I bet you’ll find, once you get out there and settled, that there’s very little you miss about the Big City. Certainly I don’t miss the hustle and bustle and people and traffic. Does this mean you get your backyard? 🙂

  9. lavenderbay says:

    Hi, themarvelousinnature, and thanks for reaching out through the magic (snork) of dial-up.
    I am very much hoping that we’ll get our backyard! And yeah, there’s not too much about Toronto that I’ll miss, I don’t think. And there might even be a new bird or two for my lifelist, who knows?

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