You Load Sixteen Hours

Sniff, sniff. What’s that funny smell?

Ah! I recognize it. It’s a placeholder blog entry.

Sorted and tossed today. Tomorrow, some packing.

Little by little. Bit by bit.

Fergus goes for his neutering tomorrow. Maybe then I’ll have two thoughts to rub together while he’s gone, and manage a few paragraphs of what passes for writing.

But now — going to bed. One item on the list on the grade one “health parade”, which we all dutifully recited, thumping out each syllable with equal weight, was “Be in bed by eight o’clock.” I’m fifteen minutes late already.

5 Responses to You Load Sixteen Hours

  1. hello fergus its dennis the vizsla dog hay dont be foold nootering duznt hav ennything to do with going owt for noodels!!!!!!! run away run away run away!!!! ok bye

  2. Gina says:

    I seem to have a lot of placeholder blog entries. 🙂

  3. lavenderbay says:

    Hi, Dennis! Fergus tried to take your advice this morning, but we wouldn’t let him. The vet has already called to say that Fergus’s noodles are out and he’s recovering just fine. E.g. and I will pick him up at suppertime.

    You have structured entries and a devoted following, Gina! You’re also a faithful commenter on the blogs you visit, which is very encouraging to your blogfriends (including me!) .

  4. Mutual friend Jane says:

    Never fear, Fergus! It will take more than a few snips to de-bounce you!

  5. lavenderbay says:

    I’m sure you’re right, Mutual Friend Jane; but I do hope he’ll be a little less growly.

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