Together Time

Cai asleep at my side, the sign of a successful walkie. (Blue thingy is my knee. )

This morning, E.g. decided to take Fergus to work with her. Cai and I seized the opportunity for a little one-dog hike. We enjoyed ourselves, something  I can’t say for every other dog we met.

First, we explored a new park. There was a sign saying that this was an off-leash area, between the hours of six and ten in the morning and six and ten in the evening. Good to know for future reference; we had left home just before eleven. We followed the circular path, Cai trotting happily at my side, being an absolute angel while I negotiated the icy patches.

On one side of this walled park, there is a gateway that leads onto a trail. We were just coming up to the gateway when a dog walker entered the park and released her five charges, who came bounding up to Cai. Hmm.

The trail itself has signs at either end stating that dogs are to be kept on leash. The dogwalker started down the trail, five large dogs flinging themselves out around her. Whatever.

Cai waited patiently as I picked my way to better footing. This took a couple of minutes, because the beginning of the trail is quite steep. Then it joins an old closed road, and the walking is easier. The road slopes down to a tributary, crosses it, and then turns sharply and follows the water.

When we arrived at the tributary, we saw a little wire-haired dog in an orange jacket running back and forth around the angle. It wouldn’t approach us. I listened, and could hear someone calling “Stella! Stella, come!”

Following the human voice, I found the same woman we had met in the park. I asked her what Stella looked like. “She’s a Golden Retriever,” was the reply. O-kay.

On we went. Soon we met — guess! — another dog walker, calling “Rambo! Rambo, come!” I asked her what Rambo looked like. “He’s a Jack Russell, in an orange coat. He’s gotten behind the fence. Rambo, come!” Oh, right, the fence with the big sign on it that says “Danger, do not enter” , I got it.

On we went. I noted the downed  power line at the right side of the trail, parts of it at chest height for big bouncy breeds. I also noted a man, another dog walker, with a dog on leash — and two others off leash, one getting soaked in the frigid tributary. Thirty paces more down the path, we met a pug limping along on three legs, presumably part of the group we had just come across. Lovely.

On we went. I started counting the used poopy bags at the side of the trail. The final one was in sight of the garbage can in the parkette a hundred paces away.

We came into the parkette, and I went to check the sign just to be sure I hadn’t been mistaken about on-leash and off-leash areas. No, this was on-leash territory, all right.

Cai and I were just turning away from the sign for the return trip when a van pulled up and stopped near the garbage can. The driver opened his side door and four big dogs tumbled out. Not a leash in sight, let alone safety harnesses for the car ride. Good thing they were five car lengths from the busy highway.

And little Cai trotted at my side, and for all the ice he never pulled me off balance even once. Good dog!

8 Responses to Together Time

  1. sandysays1 says:

    Sounds like an adventurous day. My human and I sit on the dock most mornings and talk.

  2. It’s a shame that people don’t take note to the signs and actually follow them.

    Glad you and Cai had a great walk. Did I mention that is a great name. I’m sure there is a story behind it. And you may even have a post about it. LOL

  3. lavenderbay says:

    That sounds like a good way to avoid silly humans, Sandysays1! Not much point in Cai and I sitting on a dock just now, though, unless we decide to take up ice fishing.

    The first sign I saw, Urban Thought, was one in the park, stating that commercial dog walkers need to have a permit. I’ll admit I was thinking rather uncharitable thoughts about the City until all of these shenanigans played themselves out in such rapid succession.
    You’re right about there being a post explaining Cai’s name; I just don’t remember what its title is! I’ve now written nearly 300 posts (!!!) , and skimming through the list just now, couldn’t recognize the entry title.
    Anyway: I went to look for Welsh baby names when we decided to get a Cardi, and one of them was “Cai” , which means “to rejoice” . Then when I asked a teenage acquaintance to choose a gemstone for the puppy’s registered name (’cause he’s a purebred) , the youngster chose “Kyanite” because it’s a nice blue mineral. Cai’s registered name is “Yasashiikuma Kyanite So Fair” — the name of his kennel, plus a pun on “Cai, a knight so fair.” And there you have it.

  4. Gina says:

    I love the pic of content, little Cai. Love the meaning of his name!!
    I wonder why people always ignore authority these days.

  5. I had no idea Canada was so full of anarchy! Things sure have changed since we moved away from New York …

  6. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Gina! This morning I was briefly outlining yesterday’s experience to a dog trainer’s girlfriend, and her eyes widened in horror.

    Canada is no longer benefiting from your family’s beatific rays of serenity and good order, James; you’ll have to move back.

  7. Alyson says:

    Staying upright almost always means a good day was had! I can’t believe that the sign says between 6 & 10 in the evening. 10 in the evening? That’s past my bedtime in every country in the world. Isn’t it dark at 10 in the evening? And then how do you find your off the leash dog?

    I’m still finding it hard to realise that there are people who are too good for signs and other laws.

  8. lavenderbay says:

    Did you know you can get little flashing lights to attach to your dog’s collar? But yeah, for us 10 pm (and usually more like 9 pm) is strictly five-minute potty run.
    Now I’ll be the first to admit that I used to ignore the “dogs on leash” sign in the field beside our apartment building when I played ball with Cai there. Lots of the neighbours still do, by-law cop threats or not. However, I was playing with MY dog, not being paid for theoretically caring for someone else’s!

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