Warm greetings in Christmas colours.

With her training in print journalism and long experience in communications, E.g. has assembled quite a few publishable pieces in her time. She’s written articles for real-live daily newspapers, created ads for the church’s Christmas or Easter service schedule, composed fundraising letters for non-profit organizations, and co-produced entire 36-page quarterlies, to name just a few items.
Her involvement in these works has frequently (usually? ) extended to the layout. A “big picture” person, E.g. enjoys visualising the entire project throughout all its stages of development. This leads to her use of a common industry practice which, when I’ve been privileged to see it, always tickles my funnybone: the



As a placeholder until the article is written or the visual is chosen, E.g. will type something into the text box or picture box, in the font of the finished product if it has been decided in advance. I smile to see the following phrases in elegant typeface or 36-point script:


More Stuff

Ad that won’t pay for itself

Inspiring callout

Heartwarming photo caption

Blah blah blah

You get the idea, a cheery behind-the-scenes irreverence that helps reduce the tensions built up in working to deadline.

My own publishing efforts — entries on this blog, a squaredancing club newsletter, letter-sized posters for some community event — have been pretty simple fare. Occasionally I’ve entered “Title Goes Here” or, more often, “Blibbity” . I’m not even sure where that word came from. It might be one of E.g.’s terms, so cute and winsome that I adopted it for myself.

Today’s blog posting is called “Blibbity” because

This is an announcement.

Not a big announcement, mind you.

Not a big announcement, says Turtle.

No. It is simply to let you know that, with the holiday season barreling down upon us now, things may be uneven in their workloads. There will be dog biscuits to bake, parties to give and attend, Christmas cards to address and mail, hikes to excurt upon, presents to prepare, church services to sing at, family members to greet, all those lovely things.

And so, Turtle has decided to pre-schedule.

Although I will keep up the daily postings, few if any will begin, “Today we…” Instead, there will be memes, one-minute-naturalist pieces, photos of the furkids, rhymes, recipes, all that sort of advancedly-preparable blibbity.

And never fear, I will also do my best to keep up to date on your blogs. Fair’s fair.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

7 Responses to Blibbity

  1. goodbear says:

    fun post. i like “blibbity” and the fun font stuff.
    and of course i love the bird. is it a male house finch?

  2. almostgotit says:

    This is very cute.

    [insert more meaningful comment elaboration here]

  3. Gina says:

    I always just put header, body, etc. Boring. 🙂
    Love the picture of the bird. Looks like he has something in his mouth (or her).
    My blog posts have been memes and pictures lately as I am busy too. I think everybody is.

  4. Darn, Almostgotit beat me to it. Oh well, I’m going to do it anyway.

    [Salutation goes here]
    [Clever, pithy comment]
    [Another clever, pithy comment]
    [Trenchant observation]
    [Relatively generic signoff]
    [Emoticon so everyone knows it’s all in good fun]

  5. lavenderbay says:

    It’s probably a male House Finch, Goodbear. Purple Finches used to be more common than House Finches in the Toronto area in the 80s, which is when my little Toronto Birding Guide was published, but apparently House Finches have made a great comeback. The two look so alike to my eyes that I can never figure out which is who. This looks like a job for… Themarvelousinnature!

    [warm rejoinder of gratitude] , Almostgotit!

    Thanks for understanding, Gina. I’m sure I’ll be borrowing a meme or two from your blog before this is over! And yes, the finch is taking bites from the catkins on the birch tree in which he’s perched. The birch gets visitors — Goldfinches — even in winter, because the catkins, though dried out, are still there.

    [reply salutation]
    [wooden badger]
    [three emoticons for good measure]

  6. Alyson says:

    You’re so clever, and I’ve always wondered (and, let’s face it, wandered) if a stand in heading like “Blibbity” has ever accidentally made the copy. I hope so.
    Anyway I

  7. lavenderbay says:

    Most probably, Alyson! I remember a newsletter that E.g. did for her workplace once. Five of us proofread it, and nobody noticed that in the table of contents, one of the articles was said to be on page ??.
    I certainly hope you and Milo are all

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