Laundry Blues and Reds and Greys

I never know how to classify this one.

Hi everybody, and welcome to Laundry Day!

Way back when, I used to post lists for Laundry Day. Today, however, I just want to talk about how everything comes clean in the wash.

Just over a year ago, E.g. and I purchased the first washer and dryer of our relationship, and my first ever. This pair is on the small-and-happy side, so there’s usually enough for four or five loads when I do the weekly wash.

Now of course, you’re all breathless to know — and to compare notes in the comments section — how I sort my wash. Well, I’m glad you asked! Here’s how:

  1. One load of reds. This load includes purples, pinks, oranges, yellows, and sometimes beiges, depending on my mood.
  2. One load — sometimes two loads — of greys. This is a catch-all load which may include black jeans, grey tee shirts, maroon socks or deep green office trousers.
  3. One load of blues. If there are too many blues one week, I might delegate some things into the grey pile or the white pile.
  4. One load of whites.

Let’s see: white, spearmint, grass, forest, lavender, mauve, pink, red.

I never care about sorting fabrics because all our clothes are the rough-and-tumble sort. Everything gets washed on the “Quick Wash” (33-minute) cycle, cold wash, cold rinse, UNLESS there are any barfy dog towels in the whites load. Then they’ll get the “Normal” (60-minute) cycle, warm wash, cold rinse.

I use unscented laundry detergent, and no fabric softener or dryer sheets; all those extra chemicals make me itch.

How about you?

If I cut it in strips, and numbered them, and then velcroed them back together…

13 Responses to Laundry Blues and Reds and Greys

  1. goodbear says:

    i do:
    1. whites (warm water load of socks, wash towels etc. undies, ts and anything light colored)
    2. darks (cold water encompassing colored ts, jeans, dark things)
    3. whites cold(button up shirts for work that are light colored)

    i do laundry as much as possible. i love it. it’s the only house chore i like.

  2. goodbear says:

    oh, and i also use unscented detergent, no fabric softener(i’m allergic) or dryer sheets.
    only the whites warm go in the dryer. everything else is clothes line bound. my towels go in the dryer. i know it’s wasteful of energy, but…i like the soft and fluffy.

  3. lavenderbay says:

    It’s surprising how much line-dried towels resemble emery boards, isn’t it, Goodbear?
    We have a couple of laundry-drying racks that I use in the summer. When I was little, though, my mum would use the clothes line all year ’round, and the trousers would come in the house frozen into little planks.

  4. Gina says:

    I wash almost exactly like Goodbear but I use HOT water on the socks, underwear and towels and I use scented detergent and fabric softener and fabric sheets. I have a phobia of static electricity shock so I MUST use the softeners. 🙂
    I also love doing laundry.
    And…I put everything in the dryer except things that will shrink and I hang them on hangers on the shower rod to dry.

  5. lavenderbay says:

    I like static electricity, Gina, especially in the dark when the sparks are visible. My phobia is more along the lines of galloping washing machines, so I keep the washer on low-spin. Who knew that just keeping house would be so scary?

  6. almostgotit says:

    We have cold water/dark loads, and warm water/light loads. That’s it. Scent-free detergent for the two with sensitive skin. No fabric softener or dryer sheets. And I LOVE line-dried towels. They smell so good and feel good, though the stiffness goes away almost the minute they touch my damp skin…)

  7. lavenderbay says:

    Aha, someone who likes line-dried towels! Such diversity in my blog klatsch, I like that! There’s nothing we’ve all agreed on, except maybe that we all enjoy doing the laundry.

  8. Seabrooke says:

    I never got into separating clothes into lights/darks or normal/delicate. Everything all just goes into one load. If there’s a lot, I’ll do pants separate from everything else, but mostly just for balancing the load. Same with dryer stuff, though I’ll pull out sweaters, if I remember, to dry flat. Works for me, I’ve never run into problems, and it saves having to pay close attention to the items I’m putting in.

  9. lavenderbay says:

    You don’t even separate lights and darks, Seabrooke? That’s amazing!
    Forgetting sweaters is my biggest problem, as E.g. could tell you if she wanted to. In fact, the latest casualty was a nice pullover she had knitted for me. I tried someone’s instructions of sudsing it up again in warmish water to relax the fibres, and then pinning it flat (I used push pins on coroplast! ) . It took two days to dry, but came out all right. (Whew. )

  10. Alyson says:

    Cold water for everything, line dry always, whites, towels, hairy, delicates…light on the powder becuase we have rashy people too.

  11. lavenderbay says:

    Ah, Alyson sorts by textures! The third category in your list is an especial give-away regarding your lifestyle.
    Shelley hasn’t chimed in, but I know she always uses fabric softener to help reduce the static dog fur cling. AND she has a separate washer and dryer just for all the dogs’ crate fleeces and stuffed toys.

  12. I do whites and colors, with each further separated into “soft stuff without zippers” and “stuff with zippers or stuff without zippers that is able to withstand stuff with zippers”. If I think something might bleed I throw a dye magnet in with it. Detergent-wise, we use Ecover natural detergent and fabric softener when we can get it. It’s vegetable-based and seems to work better in our water. We have to use HE detergent because we have a front-loader. Whites get a shot of borax or laundry booster. Everything goes in cold except for whites, which go in warm.

  13. lavenderbay says:

    Ours is a front loader too, James — there were very few that weren’t, when we went shopping for one. I never used liquid detergent until we got this one.
    Ecover is available here, and sometimes I buy it.
    What’s a dye magnet? Will have to look that up.

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