My Mediocrity is Saving the Planet

Seamus does some eco-friendly editing.

Almostgotit has a catchy by-line for her blog: “With every failure my reputation grows.”

It is in that spirit that I have entitled today’s blog entry.

I occasionally snivel about never having made any money from writing. My writing doesn’t reek that badly, I whine; how come other people get published and I don’t?

Umm… because I never send stuff out?

But wait! Here is a much better, far more virtuous reason, brought to you by the World Wildlife Federation. I recently received an e-mail from them, inviting me to pledge to reduce my use of paper. Here is what they ask:

I will:

* Print documents only when absolutely necessary.
* Proof documents on my computer screen rather than printing.
* Print everything double-sided.
* Stop picking up leaflets, fliers and other advertising
* Mail back advertising catalogues
* Recycle all paper I use
* Ask for recycled paper products
* Invite a friend to join this action

Do you see? By blogging, which demands on-screen proofing, requires no hard copy or covering letters or envelopes, and wastes no space in bookstore flyers or literary reviews, I am not exhibiting a fear of rejection but rather am unselfishly doing my bit for the planet.

And that’s what you can tell your friends next time they ask.

PS: If you’re interested in this latest WWF campaign, go here and click on “Stop the madness of wasteful paper consumption”.

3 Responses to My Mediocrity is Saving the Planet

  1. I do most of that, but for books, it’s just not possible to proof them properly on screen. I do save the proof paper and use the other side for scrap though. (Or I should say, I did, because lately all I’ve been writing is Dennis’s Diary of Destruction.)

  2. lavenderbay says:

    Good job, James! I imagine I would go cross-eyed trying to proof a work of any great length onscreen. Luckily I never write anthing more than a couple thousand words.

    Thanks, Huckleberry!

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