Turtle Takes Art Lessons, Part ii

As part of the acrylics unit in the “Water-based Painting” course, we devoted one evening to collage.

Again, we were asked to bring in a picture. This time it could be anything, so long as it could be seen in fairly big blocks of colour. I saw a magazine ad that I liked, showing a young woman with bright red gloves and umbrella:


The model is hopping over some driftwood with her pals. She’s pasted to the back of the cardboard that I used for the collage. When I cropped it (too much) , some of the ad tore away. And with all the gluing, the cardboard is bowed, hence the funny shiny bit around her leg.

Anyway, we were to paint swatches of colour onto cartridge paper, and then cut them out to replicate the photo we had chosen. As in yesterday’s tale of the Modigliani impression, my subject took on a life of her own. She may not be as fashionably dressed as the model, but she’s a tad more sensible:


Here’s the clams! Is that bonfire started yet?

10 Responses to Turtle Takes Art Lessons, Part ii

  1. jamesviscosi says:

    I like yours, and would definitely rather be wearing that footwear there!

  2. goodbear says:

    i love it! i love how it still has the collage feel, as well, with the coat sections and the varying directions the brush makes!

    and it’s fun, too.

  3. lavenderbay says:

    And the boots coordinate better with the sou-wester, eh James?

    That was the most fascinating thing for me, Goodbear, the fact that if I studied my swatches I could find pieces that would give more of a 3-D feel because of the brush-stroke direction — the jacket, for example — or the unevenness of the colour — the more I look at it, the more I seem to see the eyes and mouth on her face.

  4. Alyson says:

    No, no, clam digging girl is my favorite. I always wanted to go digging clams.

  5. lavenderbay says:

    I think it would be fun too; maybe in my next life?

  6. lolarusa says:

    I like the final collage very much, It’s a bit like Ezra Jack Keats’ illustrations.

  7. lavenderbay says:

    That’s a nice thought, Lolarusa. The cover of Keats’s book A Letter to Amy shows a boy in a yellow fisherman’s raincoat and hat — maybe I was channeling an ancient memory…

  8. lolarusa says:

    I know I’ve accidentally channeled Ezra Jack Keats in a Christmas card that I made a few yeas ago. It wasn’t until years later that I was looking at The Snowy Day in a bookstore and realized I had totally re-created a picture from that book. But that’s how art works, isn’t it?

  9. lavenderbay says:

    I hope so, Lolarusa. I’d hate to think I was plagiarizing anyone. Oh, and another thing that strikes me just now about my piece, is that without the log that the original model is mounting, my personnage looks very childlike with her exaggerated step and teeny spade and pail. Fascinating.
    What medium did you use to make your Christmas card?

  10. lolarusa says:

    It was a block print – so not the same colors and patterns as its inspiration, but a very similar image of a silhouette in a pointed hat and prints in the snow, emerging mysteriously from my visual memory.

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