Turtle Takes Art Lessons, Part iii

This third and final part in our Fun With Cont Ed series looks at watercolour.

Of the three water-based media — acrylic, gouache, and watercolour — watercolour is my favourite. Maybe I like the mystery of its transparency and translucence. Maybe I appreciate the idea of all that fun for $25. More can be spent — really good paper is the biggest expense, because a good brush will last years while the paper can’t be reused — but the excitement of slipping into the art supply store for a little three-dollar tube of luscious colour is hard to beat.

Below are three of my efforts, all combining techniques our instructor taught us with bits from my brain pan.

This first one is a nice little cottage-country lake. The main thing that I learned for this is that your picture will be a lot more interesting if you use three different colours to paint the shoreline. We were also shown how to make the dock pilons with their reflections. My imaginary addition is the little splishy fish, homage to E.g.’s fishy logo she created for a quarterly she used to produce.


The next one uses techniques we learned for making rock and tree textures, and rendering objects less colourful as they recede in the distance. The brain-pan part is a memory of a several-day canoe trip in Algonquin Park. The lakes aren’t this big, but the rockiness of the foreground and middle-ground island are the way I want them to look.


And finally… sorry to have to revert to a winter theme, but it’s my best piece, so I wanted to save it for last. It was for marks, and penciled on the back is the eight class-learned techniques that went into it. But first, the inspirational photo:

where's the ball?

And now the painting. Can anybody tell what it includes that’s missing from the photo? Something Turtle has been occasionally dreaming about? Give you three guesses.


9 Responses to Turtle Takes Art Lessons, Part iii

  1. goodbear says:

    your own fenced back yard!

  2. goodbear says:

    oops, i forgot to mention how great the paintings are, as well. cai looks great! i has to be so hard to paint a dog!

    you got an “a” in the class, right?

  3. lavenderbay says:

    DING-DING-DING-DING!!!!!! You got it, Goodbear!

    Having a photo to work from certainly helps the dog to stay still. (And, um, yes I did. )

  4. You’ll have your own fenced yard soon, I’m sure of it!

  5. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks for your good wishes, James!

  6. Alyson says:

    Clearly December is extra clever creative month for you Lavenderbay.

  7. lavenderbay says:

    Well the snow is too deep to go birdwatching, and most of them have flown south anyway, so…

  8. almostgotit says:

    Quel artist! Or is that “quelle artiste?” (too long since my own lessons, the French ones, that is….)

  9. lavenderbay says:

    You’ve got the agreement right in both phrases, Almostgotit; the second would apply to my gender. Et puis, merci beaucoup, ma chere!

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