Turtle, Behooved

Bon Echo turtle, looking up. Photo courtesy E.g.

Over at The Chawed Rosin, Lolarusa has posted a year-end list of the ten most frequent and ten most interesting search terms for her blog. Interesting, indeed; I’d like to know how well Moomin wallpaper would look in the masonic stairwell, or whether a siphonophora belongs on the same shelf as — well, you’ll just have to read her entry.

The idea of a retrospective of search terms caught my fancy. And so, in the interests of the blogosphere, the writing and reading world, and painless posting, I peeked behind the scenes. And what did I find?

Turtles. People want to know about turtles. Mostly, people want to know about the symbolism of turtles: added together, the search terms “turtle symbol”, “turtle symbolism”, “symbol of the turtle”, and “symbol of turtle” outnumber the more general terms “turtles” and “turtle” by a ratio of 3:2. Other search terms I’ve occasionally noticed, but which aren’t counted in these statistics, have been things like “turtle container” which reflect an interest in owning one as a pet. (That’s pet turtle, not pet container.)

First Nations stories. “Nanabush”, “Sky Woman”,  and “Bon Echo Pictographs” taken together had the same number of hits as “turtle” plus “turtles”. The term “Ohsweken” would tip the figures in the Aboriginals’  favour except that I can’t be certain if searchers were seeking info on the reserve village or its racecar track. I mean, I wouldn’t include the search term “monster truck rally” when reviewing the stats on Celtic folklore, would I?

Le Corbusier. This modernist architect has provided more hits for my blog than any other single search term. Throw in “Corbusier” and “Villa La Roche”, and the total falls between the turtle searches and the First Nations searches.

Now for the three “most interesting” multiple search terms of 2008:

♥dead person;  ♥supper dogs;  ♥hermeneutically sealed. It’s a sick, twisted, misspelt world out there.

It occurs to me that if certain searches prove popular, I should do a little more research and writing on them. I feel bad, too, that people wanting information on a turtle container got this ridiculous Wordless Wednesday entry.

On the other hand, I’m no architect. Further information on Le Corbusier might be better expounded on someone else’s blog — perhaps as a companion piece to Masonic stairs and Moomin wallpaper.

11 Responses to Turtle, Behooved

  1. I’ve done that often, looking at the search terms that bring people to the site. Well, my own, not yours but you know what I mean. LOL

    Turtle’s Container Container is a great Wordless Wednesday. I hope they appreciate it when they come across it. Of course, I can probably picture their bewilderment when they are trying to figure out what it is all about.

  2. lavenderbay says:

    “Hey, you! What are you doing in my search terms?” 😛
    That WW can’t get much farther from pet turtle ownership, can it, UT? No water, no soil or stones, no food, too small, hanging five feet above ground — yep, there must have been some head scratchings here and there.
    I’m currently reading a fascinating book about sea turtles which, in an early chapter, states how much science didn’t know about them even ten years ago. My WWF stuffy, Seamus, isn’t packed yet; maybe he could give a lesson.

  3. Always interesting to look at the search terms that bring people in. As you can imagine, people who find Dennis’s blog by searching are often spelling-impaired.

    My favorite piece of turtle lore is, “It’s turtles all the way down!”

  4. lavenderbay says:

    You don’t get down from a turtle, James, you get down from a duck. (Ching! )
    Seriously, though, I had to look that one up.

  5. Interesting…. those are some strange search terms indeed!

  6. lavenderbay says:

    “Hermeneutically sealed” is my favourite, Sarah. It was the title, and an entry, in a list of goofy definitions I posted one time. I am so-o curious as to the motive(s) of those using that phrase as a search term!

  7. almostgotit says:

    I still get daily searches from folks wanting to know “How to sell cocaine.” It’s so great knowing you’ve made a real contribution to the world, isn’t it?

  8. lavenderbay says:

    ROFL!!! If I get desperate with the job search, I’ll be sure to come visit your blog.

  9. […] some of the popular search terms people are using to find my blog, an idea I’m stealing from Voice of the Turtle. Tomorrow I want to highlight my favourite posts from the last year, one per month. And on Tuesday […]

  10. Alyson says:

    LOL! It takes all sorts…search terms prove that!

  11. lavenderbay says:

    It takes allsorts AND jujubes, doesn’t it? And gumdrops, mustn’t forget the gumdrops.

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