06 12


This past week’s winter chill finally penetrated our apartment. Today the outside temperature is already much higher, but last night our feet were cold on the floor, and we huddled in our sweaters.

I wasn’t sure how warm Fergus would be in his crate. Just this once, then, couldn’t we let him sleep where he wanted? All right; just this once.

When I rattled the bedtime bickie container, Fergus hopped into his crate. I gave him his bickie and pushed the door to without locking it. “Good night, little ones.”

I don’t know where they got the idea. Did a frustrated Cuca talk them into it? Whatever the motivation, at 06 12 this morning eight little paws thundered up the stairs, and E.g. and I were simultaneously attacked by poggle tongues. Fergus’s tail was whirling enough to power an everglades boat. Were they ever pleased with themselves! Responsible boys.

6 Responses to 06 12

  1. If you have to be awakened at 6:12, that’s a good way to do it.

  2. Shelley says:

    Someone needs to come up with a way to teach dogs the difference between “workday” and “weekend” 😦

    It may have been something cosmic …. my guys were all going off about that time also!

  3. lavenderbay says:

    Exactly, James!

    Part of me is pleasantly impressed that the boys waited so long, Shelley. Cai doesn’t bother trying to come upstairs anymore, but Fergus hasn’t had any instructions one way or another.

  4. goodbear says:

    we had a corgi in class tonight. while it was a pembroke…his coloring and sweet face reminded me of cai!

  5. Gina's Public Diary says:

    Ours always know when the weekend is here! Brilliant dogs. Bragging rights are mine. 🙂

  6. lavenderbay says:

    That’s neat, Goodbear! It’s nice to know you think of us even when you’re not at the computer. I do it too, of course, picking out that Chow mix the other week or paying closer attention to Vizslas than to other large dogs, or to Chihuahuas than to other small dogs. All ’causea you guys, my blogfriends.

    Lucky you, Gina, to have such laid-back pupsters. Or did you mean that they take the attitude of, “Oh boy, it’s a holiday, let’s start the day early” ? No, wait, your emoticon suggests that Tuffy and Mandy sleep in.

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