The Morning After the Night Before

A signature E.g. work.

I actually enjoy doing dishes. It can take a while to psyche myself up to it sometimes, but once the sink is filling and the first few glasses are swishing through, I usually start whistling or singing.

However, there is no beauty in my dishwashing beyond the cleanliness itself. As soon as all the glasses have landed on the rubber mat in the second sink, I start tossing them onto their shelves while the plates soak a bit. Very efficient am I.

ON THE OTHER HAND, when E.g. washes the dishes, she builds little empires of beauty and ingenuity.

Yesterday we had Jane and Robert over for roast beef supper. The roast was served with mashies and collards and parsnips and gravy and vinegar for the greens and pickled beets and zucchini relish and apple crisp and freshly-whipped cream and water and wine oh and some Italian salami and two types of cheese and two types of salty biscuits as an appetizer, and thus we managed to dirty nearly every dish in the house.

Somehow E.g. decided that since I had made the mess, she should clean it up. I didn’t argue too hard.

So this morning, I came downstairs to this lovely living sculpture, whisk, collander and all.

10 Responses to The Morning After the Night Before

  1. livingisdetail says:

    What beautiful plates lavenderbay. The feast sounds amazing – I hope you will share your zucchini relish recipe one day. I really like the idea of craft in dish stacking – maybe I’ll enjoy doing the dishes a little more if I think about it that way.

  2. lavenderbay says:

    The zucchini relish is homemade, Livingisdetail; unfortunately, we can’t remember whose home it was made in, even though it is a recent acquisition. I don’t think my sister-in-law made it, although she did make this amazing plum sauce for which I really must wheedle the recipe; I could send that one to you if I get it.
    The plates are part of the Royal Worcester “Bacchanal” set I inherited from my grandmother. I may write a little more about it soon.

  3. Very homey! When we had to wash dishes by hand in our apartment in San Diego, I kept breaking them …

  4. lavenderbay says:

    Not a biggie, James. I can see your wife’s list now: “Good job: check. Author: check. Wonderful with pets: check. Great sense of humour: check. Can wash dishes… Happy anniversary, honey, we’re getting a Maytag!”

  5. Gina says:

    I love doing dishes although mine are not usually stacked nearly as neat as E.G.’s. But when Cliff does dishes…I don’t even want to talk about it. 😛

  6. lavenderbay says:

    Oh no, not Cliff too? Is this why there are so few househusbands?
    Someone should blog about, “If men are no good in the kitchen, why are the counters built so meepin’ high?”

  7. E.g.’s ‘scultpure’ reminds me of someone I know…

    I count myself as very fortunate in these respects. About ten years ago, my husband got into cooking — big time! He loves to cook, and fortunately he cooks very well (always happy to remind me that most great chefs are men!). So, he cooks most of our main meals these days.

    But the very best part, I must admit, is that he also cleans up afterward. He’s a real fuss-budget about how things (almost all things) should be done — sort of sub-clinical OCD. So, even if I try to beat him to the table clearing and washing up, he’s likely to intervene so that he can do it HIS way (else he’ll have to RE-do some things). When this first began it was irritating — but not for long. On reflection, I realized that I would be a fool to resist this! So I happily — and withoit guilt — let him rule the kitchen when he wishes. We’re very compatible that way! 😀

  8. lavenderbay says:

    Lucky you, Bobbie! Your story definitely redeems the impression I was beginning to form about mankind.
    I tend to prefer doing things on my own, too, knowing exactly how I want them done — your husband wouldn’t happen to be a Virgo, would he?

  9. He’s an Aquarius.

    (Works for me: I’m Libra.)


  10. lavenderbay says:

    An Aquarius? The Water Bearer… Dishes… Somehow it all makes sense.
    You two air signs must enjoy being in the same element “flying” through the water.

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