Full Closet, Empty Brain

Today is an “off” day.

I did get the laundry done, and will be assembling a nice leek-and-potato soup soon, oh and I did practise playing the recorder, and Cai and I had a nice half-hour game of fetch, but other than that, I’ve been kinda fuzzy-headed — oh wait, I sent some interview questions to Goodbear and Gina, and made the rounds of my blogfriends — but still and all — hang on, I took the garbage and recyclables to the dumpster room — yeah, today was fine.

Anyway, here are two pictures:

storage-closet-aaaacccckkkkYou may remember this one, taken in October, before I had tackled the storage closet.

Over time, the articles in this space have been gradually assessed, weeded out, weighed, and re-arranged…

…and added to.


second photo



the storage closet looks today:


The boxes are numbered, labeled, and weighed. Adding in the wooden shelving, the closet currently holds over a thousand pounds. And it’s amazing to me how much stuff can be boxed and stored months ahead and never missed.

8 Responses to Full Closet, Empty Brain

  1. But after all, a storage closet is for storage of all the stuff that doesn’t belong/fit elsewhere. I’ve never seen a rule (or even a suggestion) that a storage closet is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing when the door opens.

    Then there’s my house, where we finally designated one of the smaller bedrooms as an oversized storage closet. Yep, the whole room. I should add, our house has neither a basement nor an attic, so our storage space was limited to just the clothes closets and the garage (which *used* to have enough room for two vehicles…ahem). So storage ROOM it is!


  2. lavenderbay says:

    To me, Bobbie, the aesthetics lie in the functionality of an area. If I have to move four things off the floor just to reach the vacuum cleaner, I don’t call that functional. But that’s just me. My quest for minimality sometimes drives E.g. crazy.

  3. Gina says:

    Your organizational skills are so much better than mine!

  4. lavenderbay says:

    They might be good in some areas, Gina, but not in all. I do like tasks that have a visible outcome: folded laundry, a packed box, a hot meal, a punchline, a newsletter — that sort of thing. Huge, nebulous tasks make me curl up in a corner with my thumb and blankie.

  5. Wow, a thousand pounds of stuff! I wonder how much all the junk we have stored in the rafters in the garage weighs …

  6. lavenderbay says:

    It really is scary, James! The books alone — and I weeded out as many as E.g. would let me — weigh just over 300 pounds.

  7. S. Le says:

    Do you wonder then if you really NEED the stuff in the six months boxes? I’ve got stuff like that what I’m wondering why I’m keeping. I’ve also gotten rid of a lot with much more to go. Trouble is I always replace it with other stuff! Never ending cycle. *sigh*

  8. lavenderbay says:

    Most of the stuff currently in the storage closet is completely unneedful, S. Le, since all the daily-use items are still at large. I’m feeling much more confident now, however, that everything will fit in a 16-foot truck. Whew!

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