One Option


Now that a lot of the packing is done, E.g. and I are turning our thoughts to moving companies.

It’s a long way from Toronto to Saint John, New Brunswick: just under a thousand miles. And the formula for pricing a move is usually weight times distance. So-o, the less stuff we decide to take, the less the move will cost us.

The post card above, found on Wiki Commons and dating from about 1908, offers a solution. E.g. will drive to New Brunswick with the cat and anything else that’s really valuable. I will follow with the dogs. The cart should hold enough kibble and hardtack to last about three days, so twice a week we’ll pull into a grocery store and fill ‘er up. We’ll arrive healthy and hearty and in good spirits, and by that time E.g. will have found a nice cozy UStoreIt room for us to live.

Ah, the simple life.

5 Responses to One Option

  1. Safe travels. You always find the best stuff… Great post card.

  2. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Urban Thought! After spending a weary day reading up on moving companies, I went to Wiki Commons for the first-ever time. Within five minutes I found this post card, and an idea for what to write sprang up immediately.

  3. Gina says:

    Yes, simple indeed. 😀
    I so love the postcard. I dare say those dogs were happy feeling useful.

  4. When you move, get the extra insurance! When we moved cross-country we didn’t get it and then the moving company only pays a certain amount based on the weight of whatever item they wrecked (and they wrecked a lot of items). Maybe it’s different in Canada but I would definitely read the fine print about the mover’s liability.

  5. lavenderbay says:

    I like your smile, Gina!
    The dogs certainly look as though they’re not mistreated, don’t they? I would think that working dogs are just as proud of their work as companion dogs trained to do fun stuff like agility.

    We do, I think, have two levels of insurance, James. Thanks for the advice! I started reading information from the Canadian Association of Movers yesterday, after seeing a thread of horror stories on some discussion board. Interestingly enough, none of the movers in the horror stories were members of the CAM.

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