Post Cards from Mount Forest

A little farther south down the highway from Durham, right at the southern edge of Grey County, is Mount Forest. The town’s motto is “High, Happy, Healthy”, the first adjective referring to its altitude above sea level. Nevertheless, there are some groovy points of interest here.


First, check out the lite-brite mural on the north side of the happenin’ Old Roxy Theatre, the area’s venue for concerts. The photo above shows only part of the mural; it’s really eye-catching.


Next is this little gem of eclectic merchandise, Le Coffee Nog. In case you can’t read through our grimy windshield, the sign reads: “Jewelry, Home Decor, Frozen Yogurt, Cameras, Lunch, Electronics, Butter tarts, Phones, Parking –>, Keeping You Wired.” Surrounding this are three silhouettes: one of a cheerleader using shopping bags in lieu of pompoms, one of a footy-playing couple and the word “cafe” added, and one of a bell-bottomed granny with her hair in a bun bent over a computer and the word “TVs” added. Parked beside the store is an Ontario Provincial Police cruiser. The officers are inside, investigating the suspicious circumstances surrounding this store’s founding — or, more likely, enjoying a couple of butter tarts. 


The sober veterinarian, on the other hand, has reacted against this free lifestyle. He is very precise and methodical, going so far as to book each day’s patients by order of their size.

7 Responses to Post Cards from Mount Forest

  1. I don’t really know what a Butter Tart is, but I want one …

  2. Shelley says:

    From what I know of people from Mount Forest, you only THINK the slogan refers to the altititude 🙂 From my experience, I think its more the attitude 😀

  3. lavenderbay says:

    Yes you do, James, if only to be eligible for the tee-shirt. Butter tarts are the Ontario version of sugar pie, tarte au sucre, shoo-fly pie, et cetera. They are always individual tarts, not multi-serving pies. The filling should be neither solid nor too runny, just a gradual ooze, and should always contain raisins. Butter tarts are the only food, so far as I know, that Ontarians like to claim as a regional dish.

    Good to know, Shelley! I like places like Bloomfield in Prince Edward County, and more recently Warkworth in Northumberland County, that attract funky, artistic people. It’s a refreshing change from endless glorification of Victorian architecture! (Sez the Cabbagetown resident… )

  4. S. Le says:

    Nothing like getting wired and visiting your OCD veterinarian!

  5. lavenderbay says:

    It’s the place to be, S. Le!

  6. I’m visiting a bit late, but I did want to comment on the vet’s sign. I just love it. I’m sure our vets (two partners) would love it, too, since they also serve the same range of clients.


  7. lavenderbay says:

    It’s so… Virgoan, I think, Bobbie. Btw, I’m trying to picture sheep grazing on Hawaiian lands, but my imagination fails me. Silly, really, since Hawaii was the Land of Surprises for me, a first-time visitor to anywhere south of Niagara Falls NY. Giant ferns, volcanoes, sea turtles (okay, one) , and a gaggle of turkeys in someone’s unfenced front yard in a peaceable suburb.

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