A Valentine’s Day Heart

E.g. and I were out around Ossington and Bloor Streets today, and saw this in a shop window. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!


7 Responses to A Valentine’s Day Heart

  1. Alyson says:

    It does not look rude! Happy happy, Love AL

  2. lavenderbay says:

    It’s a cross-section of the pulmonary valve, Alyson. Now put that magazine away and sit up straight.

  3. goodbear says:

    between the t-shirt and the glasses….i want to eat veggies and wear sunscreen

  4. That’s a great T-Shirt. Let me know who made that. I have to get one of those.

  5. Where’s the cholesterol gunk??

  6. almostgotit says:

    I USED TO LIVE AT OSSINGTON AND BLOOR!! I like the T-shirt. There’s a lot of good buzz about heart health these days, esp. for women, so maybe we should all “get the T-shirt”?

  7. lavenderbay says:

    Urban Thought and Bobbie, I’d have to go back there to answer your questions. It’s nearly an hour’s walk even on a clear-sidewalk day, and I’d rather walk than take the streetcar.
    UT: Not sure if it comes in men’s sizes, but you’re right, it should; might be fun to wear at the gym!
    Bobbie: Maybe “cholesterol gunk” is listed on the back?

    Oh, nifty keen, Almostgotit! I had a few other photos, but they’re in my now-dead, now-former computer; kinda think they didn’t make it onto the storage drive. Did you ever notice the little shop that sells recorders and recorder music on Dovercourt? That’s why we went there that day, but unfortunately it was closed.
    Concerning your thought: it looks to me as though the tee-shirt may be listing the Seven Deadly Sins (plus Hope — Pandoran influences here!), in which case it would be a humourous reminder to watch over another kind of “heart health”, wouldn’t it?

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