Turtle Tops

March 3, 2009

It’s meme time!

Bobbie has tagged me for a meme. The game is to enter a string of words — preferably not a post title, and the shorter the string the better — into the Google search engine, in hopes of turning up one’s own blog in the very first spot.

That was a long sentence. Once more,

  1. Think of unusual or creative phrases you’ve used in your blog — the fewer words, the better.
  2. Alternately, think of several seemingly unrelated words that are contained in one of your blog entries.
  3. Google the group of words.
  4. See if your blog turns up at the top of the list.

Bobbie came up with a nice list of twelve phrases. Even before I’d read it through, I was hoping — and satisfied — to see that “exotic underwater nudies” was on her list. (A delightful post, by the way, even if it has nothing to do with sordid Saturday nights.)

So I hied myself over to Google. And the first phrase I entered, as a test, was one from Livingisdetail’s blog: “paddock thong“. Success! The top two Google items were entries from One Little Detail. (Livingisdetail’s “paddock thong” post, a humourous look at search terms, deserves to be read too.)

In order to answer this meme’s challenge, I decided to go through my Limericks of the Turtle page and pull out short phrases. I succeeded in finding four three-word strings and three two-word strings that will put my blog at the top of Google’s list. Some of you may remember supplying the word around which I built some of these poems. Here are the top Turtle blog turner-uppers:

  • moth mouse smote
  • mousies not chickies
  • wee gamine Laura
  • young puffin perched
  • food’ll reveal
  • smiled beakily
  • swelly marm’lade.


Now it’s your turn! I call on S. Le, Almostgotit, and Lolarusa to try the meme. If anyone else does as well, I’d be happy to hear from you in this entry’s comment section.

That’s all for now. Time to curl up with the dogs and my latest French novel (and those of you familiar with Victorian literature would know that  “French novel” was once as ambiguously risqué a phrase as “paddock thong” or “exotic underwater nudie”) .