Starfish Log 2-06-09

March 5, 2009

Have worked for weeks preparing the inventory for our journey to the New Brunswick Nebula. Finally feel confident in my assessment of the mass and volume of possessions we require axial-disc-transported to planet Saint John. For two solid days have studied web info on long-distance moving companies, a Terror of the Unknown gripping my bowels. Or possibly too much coffee.

After gathering sufficient prefatory data, consulted the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) web site. Reduced a list of Toronto-quadrant moving companies from 43 to three. Each company is an agent for a different intergalactic van line, and each van line in turn links to agents in the Saint John solar system, in case we need to deposit our belongings in a temporary holding facility on our arrival. That makes nine firms, all members of CAM.

Reported my findings to Robert Spock, our team’s Logistics specialist. His conclusion was astounding: “Go with a Maritime mover. They might be more flexible.” I can do that?

Apparently I can.

Inquiries were made. Hypotheses were discussed. An estimation was sent. Including sales tax and insurance, the 919-km transport works out to $1.0332781 per 454 gms.

A dollar-three a pound.

Is this reasonable? Is this logical? According to the two highest authorities on board — Spock and my mother — it is.