Book Covers: A Game for a Monday

Good morning, everybody!

For the past few days I’ve been on the phone for hours. Today promises to be at least as lively, with some e-mailing, text messaging, and online chat thrown in. Oh, and the occasional potty break.

So, I’ve decided to post a small compare-and-contrast exercise. Possibly interesting for you. Certainly quick for me. (Apparently, Almostgotit, I’ve been liberated from my Aversion to Sentence Fragments.)

Below are two pairs of photos. One pair is of the front facade of two third-floor apartments for rent in Saint John. The other is of two sofas of identical quality of leather (somewhere between the superior stuff and the cowhide papier-maché ) .

I’d like to hear your feedback. Going by looks alone, which of each pair appeals more to you? Do you have any impressions as to workmanship, price difference, interior, etc?

i. Apartment fronts.



ii. Couches.


Have a great Monday, everyone!

14 Responses to Book Covers: A Game for a Monday

  1. S. Le says:

    The brick apartment is lovely.

    Both couches appeal to me but probably the second because I’m not keen on the rolled arms of the first one.

  2. Mutual friend Jane says:

    The brick faced apt. could be across the street in C-town where I live. It looks lovely but that’s the upper Canadian bias coming out in me. The wooden one is more authentic Maritime Victorian but it needs a coat of paint. Buildings need painting often with the salt air and industrial fumes. How long the paint has been allowed to peel probably says something about the state of the inside, however.
    The top sofa has a lighter feel and looks narrower, important for narrow stairs and tight doorways. Remember my ‘I gave my sofa to the movers’ story?

  3. Shelley says:

    I agree about the front of apartment B being better maintained and what that says.

    I like couch B though…looks more “cushy”…although that could mean more stuffing to be chewed.

  4. The brick building is lovely. It has a lot of charming detail, great curb-appeal, and it seems well looked after. It looks a lot like a historic building in Peterborough that my daughter and her friends rented an apartment in. Even though you tend to think a cared-for exterior is likely to equate to a cared-for interior, it was not the case there. The inside was quite run down and out of date, and proved very hard to heat in the winter. If I were renting, rather than buying, and therefore not looking to make renovations, little details like heat source and kitchen cabinetry would be more important to me.

    I find the lines of sofa A more artistic and aesthetically pleasing, though B looks like it might be a bit more comfy.

  5. goodbear says:

    i like the brick building because it looks like it has a secret room somewhere.

    it will be easier to vacuum dog hair out from under the first sofa.

  6. I like the brick building. I have a thing for brick townhomes; not sure why as I’ve never lived in one.

    The second sofa looks poofier and thus more comfy, but the first one looks like it may have stiffer leather and thus stand up to the dogs better. Hang on, let me see what Dennis thinks …

  7. Seabrooke says:

    It’s funny that everyone’s saying the brick building; that’s probably the response you were looking for when you posted the pics, too. Presumably you know what’s inside. That was my first gut reaction, too, but after a bit of thought I decided I liked the wooden building more. It’s more authentic to the region, and although the paint is peeling a bit, wooden siding requires much more work to maintain than brick so you can’t really hold it against the landlord. Also, my experience with those fancy brick apartment buildings is that the apartments inside tend to be fairly small, and the interiors, for whatever reason, feel less personal. It would be my expectation that the apartments in the wooden building would be a bit more roomy and a bit more homey. And thirdly, quite often the fanciness of the building’s facade correlates to the rental price of the units, so I’d expect the wooden building to be less expensive.

    As for the couches, the first one has that fancy-but-fake look to it, that you often see of cheaper furniture. The second one doesn’t look as elegant, but it looks like it would be much more comfortable, and probably is part of the Laz-e-boy line-up (or some other similarly more pricey brand).

  8. lavenderbay says:

    Thank you all for your responses. I have such nice, intelligent blogfriends!

    We’ve taken the brick building apartment (for April 1st) and the first couch.

    We have a photo of the back of the wooden building, in which you can see that a great portion of the siding is actually missing, but then the guessing game would have been too easy. A few things about the interior weren’t too happy either, and it fronts a busy street.

    The brick building is in a safer neighbourhood, is across from a greenspace and near a harbourside walkway, and has views onto the bay. And there are other nice features as well. Once we move in, we’ll share some more pix and info.

    The big selling point on the first sofa — and MFJ spotted this feature — is its narrowness. E.g. and I are both under 5’2″, as is our closest Saint John friend Gilda. E.g. was delighted to be able to sit on this sofa with her back against the back cushion, and place her feet on the ground at the same time! It will be delivered to the new apartment, so how tasty the dogs will find it is still anyone’s guess. 😉

  9. almostgotit says:

    I like the brick building *and* the first couch. Great minds, right?

  10. lavenderbay says:

    Oops! Seabrooke, your comment arrived while I was typing mine. I do like the look of wood siding, and would be quite happy with such a house (as long as it had a big backyard) .

    Lol! I’m sure they do, Almostgotit — but no fair making your picks after I’ve posted the answer!

  11. livingisdetail says:

    I love the look of both buildings lavenderbay, they are absolutely gorgeous for different reasons. Can’t wait to see the pics of your new apartment.

  12. lavenderbay says:

    Hi, Livingisdetail! We were discussing paddock thongs just the other day.
    I can’t wait to take pictures of the new apartment, either; we’re not allowed, though, till the current tenants have moved out. Soon, though, soon…

  13. lolarusa says:

    Going by looks alone, I think you have definitely made the right choices, particularly for the sofa. The clapboard house is quite charming, but we don’t want to live in a building with the walls falling off, do we?

  14. lavenderbay says:

    No, I really don’t think we do, Lolarusa. Especially glad you like the first sofa!

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