Steady As She Goes

March 16, 2009

With our new apartment rented for the first of April, we’re stepping up the final preparations for moving. Every time I turn around this week, I think of something else that I mustn’t forget. Mustn’t forget to wash the coats. Mustn’t forget to contact the phone company. Mustn’t forget to buy a mattress bag. Et cetera.

Last night then, I made a list of all those swirly imperatives, about 14 or 20 items. The dogs have been awake all day so far, watching me tackle the various tasks. It’s tricky. Because some items depend on the accomplishment of other items, a lot of chores get started and then have to wait for other jobs to catch up.

It is now a quarter to two in the afternoon on this busy day. I’ve accomplished one and-a-half tasks.