Pots and Pans and Winter Coats

Turtle is getting creative in her packing.

Yes, a couple of winter jackets are mixed in with the set of nested pots — helps keep the lids from rattling.

The “kitchen implements” include a rubber mallet, needlenose pliers, and two sets of allen keys.

The cat kibble container is hiding a collander, a large mixing bowl, and a beach towel.

My favourite, though, is the dog kibble container: dog toys, the rice cooker with a café au lait bowl nested inside it, a couple of spring jackets, my pair of high rubber boots, a coffee cup, and the cast iron duckie doorstop.

Soon this will all be over. Then we get to unpack.

5 Responses to Pots and Pans and Winter Coats

  1. goodbear says:

    ooh. you make moving sound fun. ESPECIALLY if you forget where you put everything.
    “surrrpriiise! there’s a beach towel in the kitty kibble!”

  2. lavenderbay says:

    Sort of like the way my mum does her flower gardening, Goodbear. There’s always at least one incident, when she’s giving me the tour, of “And there’s something coming up here — can’t remember what it was…”

  3. Trust a Turtle to know how to pack!

  4. Unpacking is the easy part. Finding the right places for all you’ve unpacked, however, can be daunting. Good luck to you both!


  5. lavenderbay says:

    Mostly a turtle knows how to toss, James — beating the woodchucks at their own game.

    That’s a fine distinction, Bobbie, but an important one. Thanks for the luck!

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