March 29, 2009

Hello evrybuddy this is Tertul the Saint Johner! I am so ekseyeted to hav a fyoo fotos for yoo finully that I’m speling like Dennis the Vizsla Dog! Ennyway hear r three pikchers for yoo two enjoy.


E.g.’s dada yoosed to hav a fens around his vejjett– his vedje– his tomayto plants, for yeersnyeers. It wuz yoozed to keep owt deer. This winter wuz very hard on the fens and haff uv it fell down!


Ennyway the snow is so hi the fens can’t keep owt a Cardi rite now, let aloan a deer!


Its so mutch fun to wotch the dogs play in the bakkyard! Maybee in a cuppla yeers we’ll hav wun, too.