Apartment Pix (i)

Hey there, good blogbuddies!

It’s been a busy week. The outbound tenant at our new place didn’t move till the morning of the 1st. We moved in during the afternoon. By happenstance, the same moving company had been hired by both of us, so they were able to coordinate things. 

The other complication was with the property management workers, who had been denied access for an inspection and headstart at the cleaning, repainting, and floor polishing. They arrived at 08 30 on the 1st, and worked for two solid days to get the place ship-shape.

Luckily, all of our possessions fit into one room.

high and dry

This is the view through the baker’s rack into the bedroom. The movers put everything into the painted-that-morning living room, and then when the bedroom was finished, we moved all the stuff into it so the living room floor could be polished. As you can see by the intarsia raccoon, I had already opened a box or two before piling the rest of the stuff in there . (There are several spikes permanently mortared into each brick wall.) Meanwhile,


Virginia scrubbed the stove and fridge, gathered the garbage, and washed and polished the floors (sorry about the photo, I’ve no idea why it turned itself sideways);


Les and Chris installed new kitchen flooring and countertop;


and Don painted the walls and hooked up the washer.

This team has been working together for years, get along wonderfully, and show pride in their work. I’ve separated tasks by name, but I think there was a good deal of overlap, each worker helping the others; plus I was trying to stay out of their way, and so my descriptions may well be inaccurate. I was quite content to sit in one room, opening a carton or dozing off over a to-do list, listening to the casual banter coming from the rest of the apartment, and humming along to the 70s hits issuing from the radio station on Don’s boombox. Those first two days of chaos were, in fact, quite a happy transition.

Still to come this week: various views of the completed areas, a look out the windows, and — special for Goodbear — a secret room.

Now to tackle the remaining mess, that of the computer/craft/spare bedroom. Eeek…

See you tomorrow!

computer-room    more-computer-room

6 Responses to Apartment Pix (i)

  1. goodbear says:

    a secret room? really???

    your new place looks really nice. you’re off to a good start.

  2. S. Le says:

    I always hate the mess but after that it’s fun settling in. Looks like a nice place. Anxious to see the end result!

  3. Must be exciting to move into a new place. I’m glad the moving worked out well. It’s great when things fall into place and the people who are helping smile. 🙂

  4. Very exciting! I want a secret room too!

  5. Hurray for fresh paint and floors…that someone else has worked on! I like the brick wall. Looking forward to seeing out the windows!

  6. lavenderbay says:

    Well, I think it’s a secret room, Goodbear. I’ll have Seamus present it to you.

    It’s looking pretty good so far anyway, S. Le!

    You’re so right about all three points, Urban Thought!

    The Lost Kingdom of the Gophers doesn’t count, James?

    It only takes one occurrence of having to put two coats of oil paint on a stucco ceiling to make one appreciate the work of others, Barefootheart.

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