What I Saw

I woke up a bit sore yesterday.  Took me a while to understand why.

The lowest limb of the huge poplar in our backyard hung quite a ways over our forthcoming veggie patch, threatening to overshade it. Two days ago, standing on a ladder two metres up the poplar’s trunk, I sawed off the offending branch.

With my left hand. And our  pruning saw.

No, I’m not left-handed, but I’m some wicked with a pruning saw.

Ah, now we get it, your left arm was sore instead of the right one.

Well it was a bit, but that’s not what puzzled me.

Your feet then, from standing on the ladder?

Um, no, my feet were fine.

Parts of the Turtle that we’d rather not hear about?

No no, keep reading, you’re all right.

What then?

My quadriceps.

Your quadri-who?

My quadriceps. The front muscles of my thighs. Apparently, partly from full-body exertion to work the saw through a ten-inch-thick branch, and partly from fear of the branch kicking the wrong way (i.e., towards me), I tensed those legs tighter than a pair of suspension springs. And I wasn’t even aware of it.

Walking downstairs is still a little painful today. But, yes, of course I’m proud of my work.

Four legs and thirty feet.

12 Responses to What I Saw

  1. […] morning, I removed all the smaller branches off the felled poplar limb (see yesterday’s post). Only a few needed to be sawed; the rest snapped off with a brief tug. Old poplar wood can get […]

  2. Alyson says:

    That’s a tiny little saw for such a big branch, your quads were probably swearing at you the whole time and you didn’t even notice!

  3. lavenderbay says:

    I bet you’re right, Alyson; my ears were probably so busy listening for ominous cracking sounds that they couldn’t hear the curse words.

  4. Sounds like me after too much tango … 😉

  5. lavenderbay says:

    Although I bet you’re just as proud of your perfomance as I was of mine, James.

  6. Alyson says:

    I didn’t think one could have too much tango James! 😀

  7. lavenderbay says:

    Do I detect a tilt toward the risqu-eh in these comments? (Naughty Turtle.)

  8. Jingle says:

    that’s amazing!

  9. lavenderbay says:

    Well, it was odd, anyway, Jingle.

  10. There’s nothing like a little pain to put you in touch with your own human anatomy.

  11. Seabrooke says:

    It’s funny how you only really realize what you were doing with your body the next day. I actually find the second day after to be worse than the day after, usually. This morning I rolled out of bed with stiff shoulder blade muscles, and was puzzled for a few minutes, because I hadn’t been doing any shoveling, or sawing, or anything like that. And then I remembered yesterday I’d carried a 10-foot board on my shoulder from the house down to the end of the property (about half a km) to put down in the bog so we can cross it in the summer when it’s wet (I’ll be needing another dozen such boards… I think I may pull the rest, sled-like).

    Oh, and great job on that branch. I’m way impressed.

  12. lavenderbay says:

    This must be why we gain wisdom as we age, Barefootheart? Once, life was a river; now it’s a series of creaks. :*

    So the weight of the board, and maybe your right arm crooked to hold it in place, Seabrooke? I can picture it. A plastic sled and a few judiciously-placed bungee cords sounds like a good idea.

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