Company’s Coming; Help Me Move the Compost Pile

Sonny-boy and his girlfriend will be arriving this weekend for a nine-day visit.

Honestly, I don’t know what possessed them. A week? Saint John, New Brunswick? February? But we’ll muddle through somehow, I hope.

I did warn Sonny-boy that I’d be asking for his help mudscaping — er, landscaping — while he’s here.

Maybe you can tell, by the way the fenceposts are slanting in the top picture, that we have a bit of an erosion problem at the back of our lot. I’d like to use some handy objects lying about the property to build a retaining wall. Not too fancy a one, since it will be on City land, and I don’t know if anyone might object or not.

This is one of the handy objects. It used to be the laundry-line pole, but it snapped at its rotted base during a windstorm on Hallowe’en night. It’s currently lying on the neighbours’ side of the fence, where they set it after cutting the guy wire. I’d like to bring it up over the fence in the above photo, roll it 90 degrees, then bring it up and over the back fence, lodging it in front of a few trees, and fill in the space between it and the fence. To do that with the greatest ease, however, I think we’ll need to move the current compost pile…

…to its new home. Chic, n’est-ce pas?

15 Responses to Company’s Coming; Help Me Move the Compost Pile

  1. livingisdetail says:

    That is a very pretty compost bin Lavender bay – I bet the worms are lining up to move into their new apartment block.

    ‘but it snapped at its rotted base during a windstorm on Hallowe’en night’ – sounds a little spooky to me. Where were the were-corgis?

  2. We had a bunch of mysterious half-logs on our old property in New York, which I put to work in just about the same fashion you have planned for your broken pole!

  3. lavenderbay says:

    I have the worms’ leases all written up, Livingisdetail — free rent in exchange for caretaking services — ready for them to sign as soon as the frost leaves the ground.
    The dogs and E.g. discovered the broken pole when they went out for their final evening potty around 10 pm; the pole was leaning against our garage, held by its guywire. E.g. thought she saw the shadow of a were-beaver slinking away into the distance, but she wasn’t quite sure.

    And you would have told me if your efforts had failed miserably, wouldn’t you, James?

  4. Doesn’t sound like something I would object to if I was your neighbor. As for the compost heap, I must say compost heaps have come a long way since I stayed at an actual house and had one in the backyard. We’ve come so far.

  5. S. Le says:

    That IS a very fancy bin! Hope you have a fine visit with sonny boy and get some work out of him!

  6. lavenderbay says:

    Did you know, UT, you can even get plug-in composters that you can keep in the kitchen? Very pricey, and not given rave reviews by everyone.
    I like the new bin above because a) the black plastic will absorb sunlight and warm up the compost, making it decompose faster; and b) Fergus won’t be able to steal avocado pits and other tempting goodies. the bin itself is basically four walls held together with plastic nuts and bolts, and a lockable top to keep critters out. I put it together in ten minutes.

    Thanks, S. Le! Sonny-boy has muscles I never had. And if it rains, he’s apparently very handy with a paint roller.

  7. Good work on the composting, LB, but…what is with the brown ground…should that not be white É canèt get the French signs to turn off…

  8. Hope you have a good visit with Sonny Boy.

  9. lavenderbay says:

    Poor Barefootheart, I put one line of French in a post and look what happens!
    SERIOUSLY, THOUGH, look for your keyboard icon; mine is on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. (It kinda looks like a radio with a bent antenna.) Click on it, and see if “US” has been checked. If “Canadian French” is checked by accident, there’s your problem.
    I’m quite content with the brown ground right now, but the 30 mm of rain being forecast will make yardwork interesting.

  10. Umm. Canadian multilingual standard is checked. Ièm trying US. I’m trying US. Ah, that’s better, thanks!

  11. lavenderbay says:

    Hurrah! Timing was good; this week, I wanted to use the French diacriticals, and had to hunt around to discover their secret.

  12. Almostgotit says:

    We have a compost bin that looks just like that… a GIFT from a neighbor who decided to get out of the compost bizz altogether. A log-based retaining system sounds ideal. Neighbor surely must be wondering how to get rid of that log…

  13. lavenderbay says:

    You’re right, Almostgotit, the neighbours had no plans for the laundry pole. Sonny-boy has already taken care of it and the poplar limb, incorporating them both into a decent framework to fill in with rocks and dirt at my leisure. Then he and his girlfriend spent the next two days painting our hallway, stairwell, and living room. They are now officially on vacation, and we have now officially paid for their plane tickets.

  14. Tony says:

    That’s a hi-tech looking compost bin. Mine is just 2 wooden framed bays side by side & it all just gets heaped into them

  15. lavenderbay says:

    Hi, Tony! Check out my comments to Urban Thought (UT) eight comments above yours.
    The compost pile has been moved (ta-da!), and the wire cage has been reconfigured into a rectangle, using the back and south-side fences as two of its walls. It will hold the less-taste-tempting items: raked leaves, shrubbery prunings, that sort of thing.

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