You may remember this photo from an earlier post. It’s our ex-laundry pole (sitting in our south-side neighbours’ yard). On a morning tour of the backyard, I described to Sonny-boy my hopes of  him helping me to move this beast in an effort to slow the erosion over the back fence.

Well! About an hour before supper that evening, Sonny-boy got hold of my trusty pruning saw. He cut this behemoth in half and moved each half into position, along with a few other things — including that huge poplar limb, after he’d sawn it down to size.

It was dark and raining by the time Sonny-boy finished, so I waited till next morning to go look.

Here is the south end of the pole:

And here, the north:

And now the stuff in between:

You can see that Sonny-boy moved some previous home owners’ cement discards , a large stump, the cut-up poplar limb and — hmmm — our sitting log. For a woman who writes fairly well, and a son who speaks three languages, it’s a wonder our communication isn’t just a tad better.

Anywho, here’s what I’ve done so far with the north-end pole half:

 Included in the buildup are rocks from the field, half-rotted beams also from the field, the sheet-metal back of someone’s old appliance, squares of bark from tree stumps, a chunk of asphalt that the sidewalk plough broke during the winter, and ten wheelbarrowsful of fill and gravel. This last item had to be dropped over the fence, shovelful by shovelful.

Time-consuming? Yes. Tedious? Somewhat. But I’ve inherited the family stubbornness, singlehandedness, and pride in hard work well done…

…as has Sonny-boy.

10 Responses to Buildup

  1. Anne Gibert says:

    Your Sonny Boy is a rare jewel.

  2. Sonny Boy looks like he has done an honest day’s work all right!

  3. lavenderbay says:

    I guess he is, Anne; kind of a diamond in the rough’n’tough.

    And he had a great appetite for supper that evening, James.

  4. S. Le says:

    Good job well done!

    Sonny Boy is completely adorable!

  5. Tony says:

    He’s done well, hopefully the erosion has been thwarted

  6. lavenderbay says:

    I couldn’t resist posting that photo of him, S. Le. He looks good in dirt, doesn’t he?

    I’ll be continuing to build up the far side of the fence bit by bit, Tony, but Sonny-boy has done the impossible-for-me part of the work so that I could even start working on it.

  7. Alyson says:

    ANd look how happy he looks. My boys get that look on their faces when they’ve just done something I didn’t need them to do, and I never have the heart to tell them!

  8. lavenderbay says:

    You’re a better mom than I, Gunga Din. Actually, I didn’t make a fuss about the sitting log. E.g. and I tried to move it Thursday evening, though, and couldn’t budge it. Willy has been freed!

  9. Hurray for young muscle-power! And hurray for Sonny Boy!

  10. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Barefootheart! He’s a jolly-good fellow, all right.

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