Diamondback Caterpillars and Other Nifty Critters

Stephanie warning: BUGS! RUN AWAY!

Here are a few photos of three tiny, beautiful creatures I’ve met lately. I don’t have a clue what any of them are. If you do, feel free to let me know!

Hmm…maybe I’ll make up names for them.

I. The Oxford Shoe Bug.

He poses here beside my watchstrap. E.g. said, “He looks like the top of a shoe.” I see it now: oxblood-and-yellow leather upper with white eyelets and stitching, and black laces.

 Improving on ordinary shoes, however, he has a red belly.

II. The Avgolemono Caterpillar.

Named after a popular egg-and-lemon Greek soup. Lemon stripes enhance this caterpillar’s robin’s-egg blue background.

And his toes are peppered.

III. The Diamondback Caterpillar.

This chap models for us on the Evening Primrose blossom he rode into the kitchen. His petite physique has encouraged him to mimic a deadly American rattlesnake to toughen his street cred.

And if you think he’s small, check out his little brother on the back of the same flower.

16 Responses to Diamondback Caterpillars and Other Nifty Critters

  1. S. Le says:

    Beautiful photos!

    My first thought with that beetle was, “shoe” so I guess we’re on the same page there!

  2. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, S. Le!
    Now I just need to translate the name into Latin.

  3. Christina Cronk says:

    Beautiful pictures! I love the names you chose. The diamond back caterpillar is actually an inchworm, although I’m not sure what type, as most of the inchworms we have here are brilliant green. Cute little guy!

  4. lavenderbay says:

    You’re right, Christina, he is an inchworm of some sort. I’m always amused by the way they perambulate on tippytoe.

    To everyone: I’m vain, but not that vain! Just clicked on that star thingy at the top — wanted to know what it meant — and added myself to my own “I like this post” line. Good grief!

  5. Why are other folks creepy-crawlies so much better than one’s own?

  6. lavenderbay says:

    Good question, Gallowaygrave! Maybe because you’re not afraid of your toes finding one in a slipper.

  7. eyegillian says:

    If I had to meet one in the bathroom, let’s say, I’d choose the slowest. Er… so I could take longer to observe its intricate and marvelous parts, of course. Which one is the slowest?

  8. lavenderbay says:

    Choose a caterpillar, by all means, Eyegillian; the Oxford Shoe Bug might possibly have wings.
    (Btw, is the book of logic puzzles getting a bit dull?)

  9. goodbear says:

    i’m crazy happy about this post!
    what great little critters!!!!

  10. Alyson says:

    Your Oxford Shoe Bug looks alot like an Australian Stink Bug, whose name I also don’t know so I will call it the Australian Diamond Stink Bug.

  11. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Goodbear! It’s amazing how beautiful these tiny things can be, especially…

    …stinkbugs, Alyson! Apparently it’s a nymph of some sort; the same site informs its readers that stinkbug nymphs are notoriously difficult to identify to species level. I was wondering why it didn’t have wings, but they don’t have ’em at nymph stage.

  12. Them’s cute bugs. The Avgolemono Caterpillar is Toadflax Brocade maybe? (Calophasia lunula) A European immigrant.

  13. Caterpillars and I are okay.
    They’re cute and I always picture them talking with a cogney accent.

    The oxford bug?
    YYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!! *running/waddling away*

  14. lavenderbay says:

    Looks good, Barefootheart! I finally posted it on Bug Guide this morning, and got one not-quite-right response.
    Kinda makes sense to get European insects coming after all our imported wildflowers.

    Hi, Stephanie! I suppose the name “stinkbug” doesn’t help to raise the shoe bug’s value in your eyes either, does it?

  15. Tony says:

    The shoebug is very shoe like. Do they come in a mens size 8??? The Avgolemono Caterpillar is rather stunning. I copy & pasted “Avgolemono Caterpillar” because I ouldn’t remember how to spell it by the time I scrolled up, had a look, scrolled down to the comment box again so C&Ping was much easier on my tired old brain
    Avgolemono Caterpillar
    Avgolemono Caterpillar
    Avgolemono Caterpillar
    Avgolemono Caterpillar
    Avgolemono Caterpillar
    See how easy was that???

  16. lavenderbay says:

    Men’s size 8? Maybe in southern climes. No, wait, then you’d have ’em.
    Isn’t copying and pasting a dream come true? Now head back up the comments section to Barefootheart and c&p the correct name for it. Woo-hoo!

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