A Fair Deal of Photos

Yesterday, we went to the fair.

What used to be known as the Atlantic National Exhibition has suffered some downsizing over the years, and is now called the Saint John Exhibition.

I don’t mind. Growing up in southern Ontario, I occasionally went to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. It was and is humongous. I don’t deal well with humongous.

The Saint John Exhibition, on the other hand, is just right. There’s a barn with farm animals for the kiddies. Another barn houses the poultry judging, and a third the horticultural competitions (what lovely squash!). One tent is dedicated to six hours a day of folk music acts. For those of you nostalgic for the Freak Show, a toonie gets you into the Reptile Tent, where the handler makes hourly presentations. 

Outdoors, a lumberjack show, a dog agility demonstration, and a raptor exhibition are each held once or twice a day. And of course there’s the midway: the rides (a good half of them for the tiny tots), the candy floss, the games of chance.

All that, with FREE admission and FREE parking. The only money E.g. and I spent were on the souvlakis, pop, and candy apple we had for supper.

Of course we took our cameras. I’ve brought home some photos that I thought you might like. Many of the pix, in fact, were taken with one or another of you in mind. They’re in chronological order. Enjoy!


For Goodbear: Look at that devoted Agility Demo Dog!

For Barefootheart: a bite of grass and a bin of melon protectors.

For Tony: A shooting gallery, research possibilities at the poutine booth, and naval reminiscences on the good ship Sea Ray.

For S. Le: Unfortunately, we missed the Lumberjack show. But let’s all sing along with Monty Python!

“I cut down trees, I eat my lunch,
I go to the lavat’ry;
On Wednesdays I go shopping
And have buttered scones for tea.”

For Livingisdetail: a moment of bliss.

For Lolarusa: please go to E.g.’s blog for her photo of a retro candy floss booth that would make a perfect backdrop for all those 60s sweater patterns:

Tin Can Beach, September 2 2010.

For Pennycat: 1942, lovingly restored.

For Jayne: until the Greater Melbourne Area improves its public transit schedule, you and the Feral Kidlet might consider a pair of these for your jaunts to Dunolly and Bendigo. There were three altogether in the farm-animal barn.

For Seabrooke: We didn’t get to the Raptor show either. How about a quail?

For Shelley: an Indian Runner Duck. Let the Cardi herding practice begin!

For Alyson: a Hamburg Silver Spangled hen. Beautiful — even in moult.

For Stephanie: invite this couple to your next baby shower!

For special-guest blog reader Aunt Theodora: the Duck Pond — a little different from the one at the end of your road?

Finally, for Dennis the Vizsla: Fetch your fedora, professor, because another adventure is about to begin!

22 Responses to A Fair Deal of Photos

  1. S. Le says:

    Thanks for the song but I really wanted the caramel apple!

  2. lavenderbay says:

    I’m sure Livingisdetail and E.g. will let you share a bite, S. Le.

  3. asiamavpd says:

    LOL!! No sheepies??? I hope that Indian Runner can run fast!! 🙂 We don’t want a repeat of the great chicken massacre!

  4. eyegillian says:

    OK, close your eyes: imagine biting into gooey caramel coating, so soft it pulls into strings. Not too sweet, just that buttery brown sugar flavour. And just underneath, a beautifully crisp tart granny apple, juicy and fresh. Chew slowly. Lick lips. Repeat.

  5. lavenderbay says:

    Darn; I shoulda bought one too!

  6. Ah, so sadly, they’d fit right in…
    That giant, whatever they’ve won, would totally match my decor! Who needs a crib!?

    On a coincidental note, I picked up a TO station this afternoon and the CNE is on right now.
    Funny (to me) that they’re selling poutine… funny because I expected it.

    Second, er, Fouth on sharing the candy apple.

  7. Jayne says:

    Love it !
    I reckon the smaller agricultural shows have more soul and character 😉
    Feral kidlet says he’d take the horse and buggy in a snap but he’d leave me in his dust lol.

  8. lavenderbay says:

    Whoa, sorry I didn’t see your to-be-approved comment until after noticing it in my e-mail this morning and reading your new blog in its entirety, Shelley As-I-Am! Can life get any more ironic???
    There were quite a few Indian Runners entered, in a variety of colours (white, black, chocolate, and penciled), so at least a few of ’em must have outrun the corgis. 😀

    Oh dear, you poor thing, Stephanie, smelling the poutine all the way from your home! Don’t worry, pregnancy doesn’t last forever. And I think there’s a little apple left over.

    The fair was just — so — homey, Jayne. People were relaxed, there were no mile-long lineups, you could walk without your shoe soles harvesting sticky wrappers.
    Glad to have given you a new alternative transit proposal to take to next Council meeting.

  9. Anne Gibert says:

    Love the duck. Or, as my grandmother used to say, “Lord love a duck.”

  10. Tony says:

    I love the duck too. I especially like those tall slender Indian Runner Ducks. That’s a beautiful tractor. All great photos

  11. That looks like a pretty great fair and the price is sure right! I can’t remember ever seeing a donkey giving rides! Thanks for remembering me!

    Was you ever in Quebec,
    Stowing timber on the deck,
    Where there’s a king with a golden crown,
    Riding on a donkey!

    Hey ho, away we go, donkey riding, donkey riding,
    Hey ho, away we go, Riding on a donkey!

    There. That covers lumberjackes and donkeys both.

  12. lavenderbay says:

    Anne and Tony,
    Indian Runner Ducks make me smile — they make me think of bowling pins on legs! Glad you like them too.

    There were a couple of ponies too, Barefootheart, but my best photo was of the donkey.
    I don’t recognize the lyrics you quote; something out of High Road of Song, perhaps?

  13. Alyson says:

    She’s a beaut! I always did like the Hamburgs…and I always love a fair! Good one LB 🙂

  14. What? Are you joking me? Donkey Riding is a great Canadian folksong from way back. Great Big Sea did a pretty good cover…Youtube it!

  15. lavenderbay says:

    Hey there, Alyson! It’s impossible to see chickens (live ones anyway) without thinking of you and your book. Mr and Mrs Hamburg’s owner told me all about poultry exhibitions for about fifteen minutes, answering all my questions. It was great!

    I — I have a confession to make, Barefootheart. My parents forgot to buy the album I’d begged them for, K-Tel Presents 20 All-time Greatest Donkey Folksong Hits! for my 18th birthday. To salve my wounded heart, I feigned a lack of interest in Equus africanus asinus for over a score of lonely, brayless years.
    Alternative response: That was fun! We’ll have to look for a Great Big Sea CD now.

  16. Seabrooke says:

    Growing up, I loved going to the fall fair every year. I’m sure part of it was that I’d usually have some bit of artwork or something entered by our grade school teachers, but even just the variety of animals was fun, and I liked to watch the horse events. I also enjoyed the Royal, for the same reason (no artwork entered in that one, though). Thanks for the quail! It reminds me of the ones I used to keep as pets.

  17. lavenderbay says:

    You had pet quails? How cool is that! They were the first set of cages on the left side of the tent; at first I thought they were chicks, they were so small and scurrisome. The photo above is the only one that didn’t come out blurred.
    I suppose at the Royal Winter Fair, all the roosters would be properly dressed in tails once again.

  18. Seabrooke says:

    Chinese Button Quail, lavenderbay. You can sometimes find them in pet stores that sell a good variety of birds, or from private breeders. Here’s a youtube of my male calling (I think this was a territorial call):

  19. lavenderbay says:

    Or maybe he’s singing along to “Tainted Love”. Wow, that little guy’s got a powerful voice! Thanks for sharing, Seabrooke!

  20. livingisdetail says:

    Yum, LB. I can just imagine how good that caramel apple must have tasted. Closest thing I can think of here is a red toffee apple – hard red toffee – that some green grocers still sneak into their display next to the apples. I used to love them as a kid.

    I think I’d also like to share the lovely dog, the charming donkey and the long, lean ducks. Were there cake stalls as well? LOL.

  21. lavenderbay says:

    You might try a chocolate shop, Livingisdetail. The Rocky Mountain boutique at our biggest mall sells pricey but luscious caramel apples dipped in crushed nuts or small shiny candies or…E.g., can we go to the mall? Anyway, when my Sonny-boy and his girlfriend were here in February, his girlfriend bought one of those, and cut it in four so we could each have a piece!
    Not sure about cake stalls at the fair, but one booth was serving up hot pretzels and fried bananas!

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