Them Dogs Got Class

Have you ever had the feeling…

…you were being watched?

“There’s nothing to do-o.”

Cai has played Hide-Behind-a-Tree-and-Wait-for-a-Ball so often, he’s got spots of spruce gum on his belly fur — and now, on his forehead!

And Fergus — well, the poor boy has never been to school. There must be more to life than playing outside, eating, and snoozing. Or maybe there isn’t; but it would be nice to know for sure.

Well. On Sunday afternoon, the whole family (except Cuca) went to…drumroll, please…agility class!

E.g. and I each took a camera, but never fired a single shot. We were so busy with the pupsters, and so thrilled with their attempts, that we forgot all about taking their pictures.

In the capital of the universe, Toronto, where we used to live, one’s dog had to get two obedience courses under his collar before being permitted to do agility. Not here. This trainer’s philosophy is that the dog wants to obey — the trick is to teach his human how to lead. Cai and Fergus each skipped over the poles and went through the tunnel just fine, but E.g. and I were given posture lessons and clicker training.

There was only one other dog, Bear, and his humans in the class, so we all got lots of practice time. In fact, the class ran over by half an hour before anyone noticed. By that time, the humans were as worn out as the dogs.

And we were all as happy as we were tired. E.g. and I were amazed at how well our boys followed us, leash or no leash. The young Bear, who shies from enclosed spaces (including the car), thrilled his parents by allowing himself to be coaxed through the tunnel. Gold stars all around.

The rest of the Dynamic Doggie Duo’s day went like this:

Supper for Cai and…Fergus? My, he’s quick!


There he goes, heading for the dining room/den. Meanwhile, Cuca is having some supper too (the dogs don’t climb stairs, so Cuca’s kibble is safe).

“Yoo-hoo, Fergus!”

“I done good, didn’t I, Ma?”

“Yes, honey; ya done real good.”

Cai settles down, fondly reflecting on how much Mummy smiled at him, for playing, of all things!.

And Fergus, head against the wall, snores contentedly in a corner, his tummy full of kibble and training treats.

12 Responses to Them Dogs Got Class

  1. Shelley says:

    Way to go boys!!

    Tell Cai if he can get an American Agility title, he can be the “progeny” daddy needs for his Register of Merit Bronze 🙂

  2. goodbear says:

    so awesome! yeah tired dogs. yeah agility. yeah good dog moms!

    i love your corgis!!!
    and their gold stars!!!!

    great great post. paws up from cody bear and pickles!

  3. … it’s Miller time!

  4. (or Molson as the case may be)

  5. starlaschat says:

    So sweet,cute pictures. Agility class sounds like fun. I bet our dog Makwa would enjoy that. For now her joy is chasing grasshoppers.

  6. lavenderbay says:

    Hunter may have to hang in there for another few years for that to happen, Shelley, but we’ll see what we can do. 🙂 Hugs to the old dear.

    Thanks, Goodbear, Cody, and Pickles! I bought some reflective-orange duct tape today, to jazz up an unemployed sonotube and piece of drain pipe for a bit of hurdle practice. I haven’t forgotten your post about purchasing some pvc tubing and a pipe cutter. Maybe someday.

    Better yet, James, Fredericton micro-brewery Picaroon’s “Man’s Best Friend” porter. It went bronze at the 2008 Canadian Brewing Awards. The label shows a black Scottie dog.

    Our instructor is really laid-back, Starla, and we like that. No dragging the dog over the hurdle by the leash or anything. Our nextdoor neighbour took her French Bulldog to a different group, and didn’t have such a positive experience. Ask around.
    Grasshoppers, eh? Do you remember David Carradine in the TV series Kung Fu? “Grasshopper” was his nickname. Maybe Makwa would excel at martial arts? 😉

  7. eyegillian says:

    If you think agility is fun now, just wait until they start taking the jumps with the border collie cross… I’m expecting some cute with a capital “C”! (Only corgi-sized jumps of course, but I can’t help wondering how they would do in a set of spring-loaded boots?)

  8. lavenderbay says:

    What I’m doubting, Eyegillian, is their ability to do the A-frame. I mean, if they don’t even like climbing those steep stairs to the second floor…!

  9. Ahhh, lovely to see the pups. Looking forward to action shots.

  10. lavenderbay says:

    Maybe this weekend, Barefootheart, but I can’t guarantee it.

  11. S. Le says:

    Does feeding kitty on the stairs keep the dogs from her food?

  12. lavenderbay says:

    Yes, S. Le. Cuca doesn’t overeat, so his kibble dish is always filled for whenever he wants a bite. Cai and Fergus could climb the stairs if they really wanted, but we don’t invite them to, and oddly enough, they respect our wishes even when we’re not home.

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