E.g. organized a Photo Walk for this morning, and I decided to accompany her in case none of her Flickr friends showed up. Saint John has been beset by fog, rain, and high winds all week, tropical storm leftovers which have kept temperatures warm but outings iffy. Last night, it poured as though someone were heaving bucketsful of water against the windows.

We were in luck this morning, though. By 09 30, the rain had called it quits, and four Flickrites joined us at the King’s Square bandstand. Off we set, walking along Elliot Row to Courtenay Bay, snapping as we went.

But first, a quick techie-type conversation while waiting for the Walk sign:

E.g. : “See? Then you push this button. That’s how to take a picture.”
Sheldon : “Are you sure that’s all there is to it?”
Keith : “Whoa. That’s awesome.
Baseman79 : “How come it’s called ‘taking’ a picture and not ‘making’ a picture?”
Mark.a.m. : (“I’m new here. I’ll just stay out of this one.”)


“No flyers”. I’ll say! Look at the mess the last pilot made.


Please do not mow the lawn after dark.


It’s simple. Women love cats because cats are irresistible.


Now even Corgis can play basketball.


Courtenay Bay has many fine, sturdy poles to lean against.


Overly cropped boat, creating a dulcet watercolour effect in the background — except for that Stealth Jet.


Baseman79 likes to look at the big picture…


…while Mark.a.m. says it’s the little things that count.


Hmm, a bottle of reeb. Emit rof a looc eno. Ta-ta for now!

10 Responses to Shoot

  1. Alyson says:

    This cracked me up!

    I’d love the ‘9’ door, and the color of the house next to the one with the night-deadly lawn slope is beeyootifuul! Poor Sheldon, still looks confused.

  2. Tony says:

    “How come it’s called ‘taking’ a picture and not ‘making’ a picture?”> Good point
    Now even corgi’s can play basket ball> That just cracked me up
    It never ceases to amaze me how some people can take photos of any old junk & it’ll look so artistic. I can take a photo of any old junk & it just looks like a picture of any old junk

  3. Tony says:

    Kats arnt iruzistubool, poodles are iruzistubool & ekstra kyoot too. Kats ar just eevool kreechas

  4. Oops the abuv komment woz myn, I forgot to log owt as daddy & log in as me

  5. eyegillian says:

    You’ve noticed, I suppose, the honkin’ big cameras these guys are carrying. Photography is the new fitness craze!

  6. Mark.a.m. says:

    haha, great write up! Ya, it turned out being a decent morning in the end.

  7. Hmm, Courtenay Bay also seems to have an adequate supply of sideburns …

  8. lavenderbay says:

    We should get a good deal on shipping charges to Canberra, Alyson, since the door would go flat-packed.
    I think Sheldon’s confusion is due to the absence of brides; he takes wonderful wedding photos.

    Re the junk question: My photos will look a lot more junky, Tony, if you follow the links to the Flickrites’ web pages.
    It’s the verbiage that saves my snapshots. For three of the above photos, I had a silly caption already in my head before I pressed the shutter release. For others — especially the first and sixth — a few words transformed a poor shot into a cartoon. And as for the 87 pix that I didn’t post, well…they were junk.

    Tony, I didn’t know you could speak Poodle!

    Oh hi, Dixie! Great ventriloquism act, you should tour Tasmania with it on your daddy’s days off.

    Yeah, Eyegillian, they don’t call those things Canons for nothing. And Sheldon’s Nikon bag is at least as large as our picnic hamper!

    Hey there, Mark.a.m.! Glad you could drop in. Oh, and congratulations, btw! Guess you’ll be specializing in baby portraits in another six months or so?

    It could be the influence of the Bricklin musical, James (which was standing-ovation excellent!). Be warned: What starts on a Saint John railway siding will end in a San Diego driveway!

  9. Is Mark a.m. putting a penny on the track?
    I like the basketball shot too. When I was in high school and forced to play against my will, I would have loved this net!
    But the cat is the best. That cat IS irresistable.

  10. lavenderbay says:

    Mark’s a good boy, Barefootheart; maybe he was photographing an itinerant penny before removing it.
    I didn’t even TAKE gym in high school. Too short and too slow (although I wasn’t bad at shot-put; must be the Scottish genes).
    The cat photo is my favourite, too. The boat comes second, despite the triangular dust particle.

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