Gulls have wings. Angels have wings. Coincidence?

Lily Lake

Rain was forecast for today. So before the sprinkle became a downpour, we took the dogs for a walk around Lily Lake in Rockwood Park. There it is in the photo above; on the left, you can see a Ring-billed Gull gliding over the water.

What is wrong with this picture?

Now I’m as superstitious as the next person, and I get the connection between white-feathered sea gulls and our culture’s version of angels (we’ll leave aside for now their origin as fiery snakes). But I had never before noted any ability of gulls to walk on water. See? There’s space between their bodies and their reflections. Let’s go to Camera Two, Bob:

Quick -- call the Scooby Squad!

It took a while before I solved the magic trick. Observe, if you will:


The oak leaf nearest my foot is floating in the water. The other two leaves are resting on the ice, which is still pretty thin at this time of year. Breezes make the lake water lap over the edges of the ice, and the rain has  coated the rest of it. Case closed.


Still and all, gulls put on a good show. Here is a snap of the Duck Pond that adjoins Lily Lake. While the Mallards and Black Ducks are scrambling towards a pair of hominids bearing breadcrusts, a Ring-bill — there, just below the foot of the staircase — goes sweeping up in the opposite direction, like the Paraclete flitting through her dorm window for a few hours of fun.

Yes, I like gulls.

Gulls belong to the order of birds known as Charadriiformes. While sitting in the car one day, I pulled a pad of paper and pen from the glove compartment and wrote this blue-ribbon word verticaly down the page. Then I made a poem. Duck Enjoy!


Cries of
Herring Gulls
Red eyes
Anchored in
Radiance, they

17 Responses to Gulls have wings. Angels have wings. Coincidence?

  1. Jayne says:

    Love the photos and the poem, well done on solving the walking on water mystery 😉

  2. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Jayne! I really was puzzled for a bit, there.

  3. eyegillian says:

    “Let’s go to camera two, Bob” — I’m still giggling about that. I happened to have “camera two” in hand, but a big camera with a short lens couldn’t compete with your small camera with a long lens. Great shots, especially the one with your shoe!

  4. eyegillian says:

    Oh yes, and that is a really superb poem. Very gull-like, effortlessly soaring on the etherwaves…

  5. I still feel unusual says:

    Lovely photos. Lovely thoughts.

  6. lavenderbay says:

    Glad you like the “Camera Two” smiley, Eyegillian; it’s pretty much the only thing I know about sports.
    And yeah, your admiration of that poem, earlier this summer, helped me believe in it myself…

    Thanks, S. Le! I think this is a classic Turtle post, so many ideas and genres tied together with a little whimsical bow.

  7. Ah Ice, I thought they were just in ankle deep water. Do birds actually have ankles as we know them anyway???

  8. Tony says:

    Oh I was still logged in as Dixie in the previous comment. Bet you thort her speling reely improovd. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place

  9. lavenderbay says:

    That’s just it, Tony, they were ankle- (shin-? fetlock-?)deep in water, but the lake is deep enough to have a swimming beach and a canoe rental kiosk! That’s why I was puzzled. The ice wasn’t yet thick enough to be opaque and visible, and the thin veneer of water hid it perfectly.

  10. Your poem is very creative, really captures gulls.

  11. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Barefootheart! And to have it emerge from a word game, no less — can’t complain.

  12. Tony says:

    Hi L.B.
    I have started doing free weekly blog ads for my top commenters of the week. It was a 3 way tie this week & you were one of them. You have earned a spot in my 125 x 125 advertising space for a week

  13. lavenderbay says:

    Oh, nifty, Tony! Thanks. Still haven’t figured out the cross-platform gravatar thing…

  14. pennycat says:

    Nice Pics lavender……artistic poet and all!!

  15. lavenderbay says:

    Yeah, that’s me, Pennycat…and last night I sang a solo and played recorder at our community choir’s Christmas concert. I’m a Jack of All Arts and Mastercard None! 😛

  16. Binky says:

    The birds walking on water was pretty neat. You could have made that a contest.

  17. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Binky! At one time I wrote limericks or posts on the topic of the winner’s choice; should consider doing that again. Welcome to my comments section, by the way! I’ve been meaning to check out your blog, too.

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