Light in the Darkness

Here in the North, the longest night has just passed.

Here in the North, the gardens are empty, the leaves fallen.

Here in the North, the blackness of night and the whiteness
of snow are the chief colours.

We welcome the fir tree, ever green.

We encircle it with lights, to call forth the growing light.

We trim it with talismans, memories of past places,
memorials to the dead.

It is sacred.

May your holidays be blessed. We’ll see you next week.

12 Responses to Light in the Darkness

  1. Jayne says:

    Hope you both have a wonderfully lovely holiday and will look forward to seeing you next week 🙂

  2. You got your tree! I love the bright star on top. And the bunny! The boys look unimpressed. Have a good Christmas.

  3. lolarusa says:

    The darkest days are past. Bright and warm wishes.

  4. I adore your tree and it’s lovely handmade ornaments! Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  5. pennycat says:

    Merry Christmas to You!! From our gang – Shedden, Duster, and Dillon……

  6. You too. See you soon!

  7. Binky says:

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Cai & Fergus (I fink I got thair nayms ryt) look espeshly kumfy on the lownj

  9. Hay Missus Lavender, we got lavender in owr gardin) I lykd the dish clof & berdy card too. Thay ar prity but Mummy woodent let me choo them

  10. lavenderbay says:

    To all of you: Thanks for dropping in last week.

    To Binky: I had to fish your comment out of the spam bucket. Were you thinking about dinner when you wrote it?

    To Barefootheart and Dixie: “Kumfy” was the look I was going for, especially the final photo. “Unimpressed” is okay too — the trick was not to overexcite them by all the fussing about beside their lounge/sofa/couch/chesterfield/futon.

    To Dixie: Just keep an eye on Mummy and Daddy to make sure they don’t wash the dishes with the berdy card by mistake. Good girl.

  11. livingisdetail says:

    Such beautiful, atmospheric photos of your tree LB. The tributes to lost loved ones are a very good idea. I will remember that for next year. Although I am late, I will still wish you and yours a merry year ahead. Also, just wondering if you received my last two emails. If not, the gist is to thank you for the lovely card and dishcloth. When I blog again, and I am rather slow to get started on that one, I am looking forward to showing them off in situ.

  12. lavenderbay says:

    There’s still lots of year ahead, Livingisdetail, so I accept your best wishes. Penycat, just over the way in New York State, mailed a Christmas card to us. It was postmarked December 16, and arrived on the feast of Epiphany, aka January 6, the 12th day of Christmas. No matter — all kindnesses welcomed!
    I found one e-mail from you yesterday, enumerating Christmas dinner delectables and new avian friends for the Goldfinch. I’m so glad you enjoyed your treats.

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